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This article is about the system containing the planet Garrote. For the Garotte system, see Garotte.
System Information
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System Information[edit]

Also known as Garrote after its only planet, KA-418 is a deep periphery system and the only stable star within five parsec (approximately 16.3 lightyears) in its stretch of the Draconis Combine border, which makes it a natural chokepoint for JumpShip travel in the area.

KA-418 "Garrote" should not be confused with the periphery system in the Finmark Province of the Rim Worlds Republic that was formerly known as Seven Lands and called Garotte as of 3130.

Planetary Info[edit]

Garotte has an 18-hour rotation period. The planet is extremely barren. Gray, brackish seas wash up against shores. Dead-brown swathes of permafrost fight white patches of ice and snow. The permafrost is cracked and creviced from the planet's severe tectonic activity. Pools of standing water spread across the plains, scummed over with brackish algae and ringed by low-laying scrub brush and isolated patches of dead or dying forests. Hard winds carve at the northern plain, piling frost covered drifts of tan earth.

Hotspots created by geothermal venting pock the landscape with gray-green splotches like a disease. What little life the world supports grows around these warm pockets, twisted and stunted by the world's poisoned biosphere.

Planetary History[edit]

The Star League established a storage depot for chemical, biological, and radiological weapons outlawed by the Ares Conventions on Garotte.

As of circa 3062, a place called "The Cemetery" is somewhere on Garrote's northern polar basin. Forces from Santander's World and Port Krin clashed here near one of the hotspots.

Political Affiliation[edit]