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Gatekeeper nearby systems (3151)
Gatekeeper nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -22.586 : 1779.374[e]
Spectral class A8V
Recharge time 169 hours
Planets 2

Political Affiliation[edit]

Gatekeeper II[edit]

Gatekeeper II
System position 2nd
Moons 5[9][10]
Day length 25.77 days
Surface gravity 0.7
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Tainted)
Equatorial temperature 40°C
Surface water 10%
Highest native life Plants

Planetary Description & Notable Landmarks[edit]

Gatekeeper is an early Star League-In-Exile colony which was established prior to the SLDF's collapse in 2801.

Notable Landmarks[edit]


Nova Cat Abjuration[edit]

On April 27th, 3060, Grand Council of the Clans voted to Abjure or eject Clan Nova Cat from Clan space, with only a month's warning. Clan Jade Falcon's Fifty-third Battle Cluster attacked the Nova Cats' garrison forces without Trial. The Falcons had felt that the Cats were dezgra, and so did not deserve the honor of a Trial. Nova Cat defenders instead of conducting a fighting withdrawal, went head-on against the Fifty-third Battle's forces to prevent Falcons penetrating into the Nova Cats' major population centers. These Nova Cats attempted to buy time for their civilian castes to evacuate the planet, and paid with their lives. The Fifty-third Battle Cluster destroyed all Nova Cat forces to the last warrior, preventing the majority of the civilian caste from escaping the planet.[12]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

In the Wars of Possession following the Trial of Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Trial of Abjuration of Clan Nova Cat, the migration of Clan Ghost Bear to the Inner Sphere, and the expulsion of Clan Steel Viper from their Occupation Zone, the Clan Homeworlds experienced a period of increased military operations. While largely consolidation, renewed Clan feuds also intensified.[13][14][15] Though the Crusader and Warden philosophies may have played a significant role in the previous century's politics, a new paradigm of Inner Sphere Invading Clans and Homeworld Clans began to emerge.[16]

3069 saw the beginning of renewed hostilities between Clans Steel Viper and Jade Falcon, centered on the planet Marshall. In February, Clan Steel Viper defended a Trial of Possession against the rebuilt Second Falcon Velites using new, mixed Clusters, the Fifth Rattle. The speed and surprise of the new units resulted in a stunning Falcon defeat. Later that same year, however, the Second Velites would handily defeat the Viper Fusiliers, this time not only prepared for the new mixed Clusters, but also breaking bid without proper notification and destroying much of the Viper force with artillery. The opportunistic discard of Clan Honor itself was used as evidence of "Inner Sphere Taint" during the Exodus Day festivities, 5 November 3069, when Khan Brett Andrews called for a Trial of Abjuration against the Falcons. Though the vote did not succeed, Clan Steel Viper arrived and declared Trials of Possession for every the Jade Falcon–occupied system except Lum on 7 November. These systems included Ironhold, Huntress, Marshall, Eden, Gatekeeper, Tokasha, Glory, and Barcella. Jade Falcon colonies on all eight systems belonged to Clan Steel Viper by January 3070, with the Falcons clinging to Lum and Strana Mechty.[17][18]

At the close of the Wars of Reaving, the Grand Council of the Clans met on 29 July 3075 to discuss strategy for the next five to ten years. IlKhan Brett Andrews recommended a temporary halt to the Clan eugenics program. The halt was ostensibly to find and repair damage done to Clan Bloodhouses during the Society uprising. Khan Stanislov N'Buta used the proposed cessation of one of the pillars of Clan society as reason to call for a Trial of Reaving against Clan Steel Viper. The measure passed the Grand Council with a simple majority, prompting ilKhan Andrews to declare a Trial of Refusal. When Khan N'Buta accepted the challenge, Andrews produced a banned laser pistol and shot N'Buta in the head. The dishonorable act prompted Khan Hollyann Kardaan to call for a Trial of Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper instead of a simple Reaving. The measure again passed, and was challenged by Andrews. Rather than responding verbally, saKhan Hannibal Banacek simply wrestled Andrews to the ground, then headbutted the former ilKhan to death.[19]

In order to prepare for the coming Trial of Annihilation, Clan Steel Viper redeployed all of their remaining forces in defense of Circe and New Kent. Though not explicitly stated, around the same time as the Viper Annihilation of 3075, Clan Star Adder claimed sole possession of Gatekeeper. The Adders may have claimed the undefended colony after it was abandoned during the Viper defense.[20]

Garrisoning Military Force[edit]



Era Specific Data[edit]


  • Population: 4,300,000

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (10 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Brim 11.0 Delios 26.2 Albion 30.4 Lum 35.6
Shadow 35.9 Priori 38.8 York 55.6 Strana Mechty 56.1
Kirin 57.9 Zara 59.4 Grant's Station 71.3 Huntress 75.0
Ironhold 76.9 Tamaron 80.3 Foster 81.2 Marshall 83.4
Hellgate 89.7 Londerholm 95.4 Atreus 104.6 Strato Domingo 106.6


All light-year distances were measured with Historical: Operation Klondike map scale. These are proximate distances between worlds using the Pentagon and Kernesky Cluster Map scale.[23] As of this writing, there is little information that gives detail description of Gatekeeper in current sourcebooks.


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