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Gauss Cannon (Grand Mauler)/RPG3e

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Grand Mauler Gauss Cannon
Production Information
Manufacturer ???
Usage Foot Infantry
Motorized Infantry
Weapon Class Category:Support Weapons
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost (unloaded) 5000
Cost (Reload) 5
Introduced ??? FS
Classic BattleTech RPG
Name Grand Mauler Gauss Cannon
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Equipment Ratings
Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings X/X/D
Legality Rating E
Technical Specifications
Damage Type B
Damage Stats
Damage 6 AP*6d6
Shots per Burst 5
Splash/Blast N/A
Incendiary N/A
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 45
Medium Range 120
Long Range 375
Extreme Range 1000
Classic BattleTech
Damage ???
General Information
Shots per Reload 5
Shots per Burst 5
Bursts per Reload 5
Power per Pack ???
Power per Shot ???
Power per Burst ???
Bursts per Pack
Weapon and Ammo Mass
Mass 15 kg
Mass Per Reload ??? kg
Power Pack Mass ??? kg
Battle Value
BV (1.0) ???
Ammo BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???
Ammo BV (2.0) ???
Notes ???


The Grand Mauler Gauss Cannon was a gauss rifle produced by the Federated Suns as an infantry support weapon.[1]


Infantry Portable Support Weapon[edit]

While an exceedingly powerful weapon, the Infantry Portable Model is very bulky and hard to operate. When a crew of two operates the weapon, the gunner carries the weapon and the assistant gunner carries the tripod, batteries and ammo.

Gunnery Harness[edit]

If a crew of one is desired for a normally two crew weapon, the gunner has to strap on an upper-body harness in order to stabilize the weapon and operate it through a system of pivots and counterweights.

Light Industrial Exoskeleton and Powered Armor[edit]

Some special forces units were known to use Light Industrial Exoskeletons before the advent of Power Armor. Powered Armor (including Battle Armor) can carry and use one and two crew weapons and equipment as if they had a crew of one, this does not increase the weapons range, damage or maximum fire rate.

Pintle Mounting[edit]

While this model can be pintle mounted on emplacements and vehicles, halving the crew required to keep the weapon supplied and firing, it does not provide any increase to its combat range, fire rate, or damage against BattleMechs.

Battle Armor Weapon[edit]

The benefits of a weapons being mounted in a suit (as opposed to being carried in its gauntlets or on an Anti-Personnel Weapon hardpoint) are that increased stability from being mounted allows for increasing the weapons average damage (more power to gauss or laser weapons, higher rounds per second rate to machine guns and pulse lasers) and the attendant connection to the suits Advanced Fire Control System increases the combat range of the weapon by improving the average gunner's chance to hit at longer ranges.


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