Sarna News: Bad 'Mechs - Assassin


Affiliation Word of Blake
Manei Domini
Profession Precentor

A Precentor with the Manei Domini by October 3069,[1] Gazael (born ca. 3049[2]) was something of a roving troubleshooter with the Word of Blake. His team included Adepts Nancy Madoc (his aide) and Lee Angeni, also Manei Domini operatives.


Physically, Gazael is described as comparatively tall, with broad shoulders, a strong jaw and short, bone-white hair.[1] The left side of his face is, as of 3069, heavily scarred and his left eye is blue, while the right side is steel from the cheekbone to the forehead, with a camera-like device in the place of the right eye that is capable of thermographic vision and seeing in the dark. He is capable of hearing and uttering ultrasonic communications, typically to secretly communicate with his associates. His vision and hearing are designed for combat and feature buffers that allow him to ride out the effects of flashbang grenades.[1]

His left arm is also robotic, and holds a razor-sharp half-meter long concealed blade that can slide out and lock in place (the left "hand" splits open for the blade to slide out).[1]

Furthermore, Gazael is equipped with dermal armor and possibly also cybernetically boosted reflexes.[1]

In one occasion he tricked others by handing over the supposed "power packs" for his cybernetic eye and left arm, though he could in fact reactivate them with a simple thought.[1]


The earliest data about Gazael indicates that he fought in the capture of Terra by the Word of Blake, where he ejected from his Toyama as it was destroyed in an ambush. He was severely wounded and received cybernetic prosthetics. He also keeps a piece of 'Mech armor featuring the Clan Jade Falcon crest in his office, suggesting he had at one point fought Clan Jade Falcon.

In 3069, Gazael and his team including Adept Nancy Madoc resolved a hostage situation on Arboris, uncovering illicit dealings involving the local Security Administrator (one Precentor Bowman Franks) in the process. Gazael was personally involved in the storming of the building, and later personally put Precentor Franks to death.[1] He then had the escaped terrorists monitored by an inside agent with the intent of wiping the resistance cell out for good once they had all targets marked.

In 3071, the Capellan Confederation turned against the Word of Blake and besieged the HPG station on Phact. Gazael and his team staged a rescue operation that involved dropping Protectorate Militia to secure the spaceport and evacuate the HPG personnel, around 350 people. During this mission, Gazael piloted an Archangel in combat. The entire mission was, however, a cover for a side mission where Gazael had renegade Precentor Meridon Shument killed; Shument had fled the Word of Blake and was going to leak critical HPG technology to the Confederation.[3]


One of the Master's trusted Manei Domini, Gazael fully embraced his cybernetic implants to the point of considering himself superior, and summarily regarding non-augmented people as inferior "frails". Unlike Madoc, however, he did not dismiss frails as inferior out of hand, but rather respected them and readily worked with competent frails. When Madoc remarked that he was treating a frail as his equal, he responded that he did not, but valued the man as subordinate.

He had military training and was readily prepared to kill, including executions of rogue Word of Blake personnel that could be seen as murder as he implicitly sentenced and then executed them wholly on his own authority.

At the same time, Gazael preferred to avoid violence and was always concerned about innocents, even if they were mere "frails" and regardless whether or not they were members of the Word of Blake order. (He was keenly aware that the Word of Blake's reputation would suffer otherwise.) When the Gilden building on Arboris was stormed to end a hostage situation, Gazael, after deciding that no peaceful resolution was possible, personally killed or gravely injured at least four terrorists in the shootout in concert with Madoc and others who killed yet more, but also shielded a hostage with his armored body during the fight. In the Phact mission, he would not technically have had to mount the rescue operation at the HPG to fulfill his true objective, but felt that he could not leave the HPG personnel and their families to the Confederation's mercy.


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