Gei-Fu 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates57.639 : -199.071[e]
Spectral classF5II[1]
Recharge time176 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

The Gei-Fu system was the location of at least one habitable world, Gei-Fu III. As of 3145 it was located in the Capella Commonality of the Capellan Confederation,[3][4] and was the capital world of the Duchy of Gei-Fu.[5]

System Description[edit]

The Gei-Fu system is located close to the Aer and Sharpe systems.[6] The Gei-Fu system consists of at least five worlds orbiting a class F5II primary.[1][2]

System History[edit]

The Gei-Fu system was colonized during or shortly after the First Exodus from Terra and was a part of the Capellan Commonality prior to the formation of the Confederation.[7]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Gei-Fu III[edit]

Gei-Fu III
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance14.94 days[1]
Moons1 (Yè xīng)[1]
Surface gravity0.95[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature43°C (Tropical)[1]
Surface water72%[1]
Highest native lifeMammal[1]
History and Culture
Population2,068,200,000 (3079)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
HPG ClassB[1]

Gei-Fu III - more commonly known simply as Gei-Fu - is the third planet in the Gei-Fu system and has a single moon named Yè xīng.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

In 3035 the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry where stationed on Gei-Fu with the first Battalion of Warrior House Ijori in preparation for a raid on Brighton. At this time Colonel Vallory Gordon was anxious to take his regiment out of the CCAF and return to the mercenary life. Because of this, the Second Battalion of Warrior House Ijori had also been secretly stationed on Gei-Fu to keep an eye on the Fourth.[2]

Mercenaries in St. Ives Compact employ conduct a preemptive strike against Capellan staging ground on Gei-Fu.

The Black Widow Battalion landed on Gei-Fu and assaulted the Ijori units but didn't engage the Fourth.[2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In 3051 (or possibly late 3050) the planetary director attempted to secede the world from the Capellan Confederation and join the nearby St. Ives Compact. However, all leaders of the Inner Sphere were gathering at Outreach at the time to discuss the Clan Invasion and the St. Ives military, who had no way to consult with their political leaders, refused to support the uprising on Gei-Fu as this would have amounted to an invasion of Capellan space.[5]

Senior Colonel James Teng and Warrior House Imarra House Master Ion Rush, caretakers of the Capellan interests, sent Warrior House Hiritsu to Gei-Fu to quell the uprising. The Warrior House vanquished the local militia (which included only one lance of light BattleMechs) and restored order in short order. A public execution of the planetary director and his supporters was prepared in Hsien Park in the Gei-Fu city of Yushui on the 8th of March, 3051. However, the ceremony was interrupted by the sole remaining militia 'Mech, a Stinger, which had managed to sneak into the park through the Nunya River in an attempt to kill Hiritsu House Master Virginia York who was present for the executions. York was saved by Aris Sung who also managed to capture the 'Mech.[5]

The Jihad[edit]

The military offensive launched against the Confederation in 3068 by Duke George Hasek of the Capellan March of the Federated Suns hit Gei-Fu during the second wave of attacks. A four-regiment strong mercenary force consisting of the Fourth and Twenty-first Illician Rangers with the 2nd Cunningham's Commandos and Federated Freemen crushed the defending 3rd Capellan Defense Force, capturing Gei-Fu until the planet was subsequently liberated by Capellan counterattacks.[33][34][35] As a part of the initial invasion of Gei-Fu the Federated Freemen secured the massive Capolla Oil installation on Gei-Fu's northern continent, and Federated Suns salvage and recovery teams removed more than eighty million barrels of oil from the installation in three massive Mammoth-class DropShips.[34]

The Dark Age[edit]

Gei-Fu was also the location of a CCAF Regional Training Center. After the Jihad, CCAF statistics indicated that Gei-Fu consistently had the highest percentage of enrollment of any RTC. As a result, many recruits were sent to other RTC's for training. The Gei-Fu RTC trained MechWarriors, aerospace fighter pilots, combat vehicle crews, and conventional infantry forces. Several of the RTC's officers had petitioned the Strategios to rebuild the Third Capellan Defense Force, but until the losses of the Jihad had been made up, this was unlikely to occur.[1]

Military Deployment[edit]




Gei-Fu has two major continents named Zìyóu and Tiāntáng,[1] and its breathable atmosphere, abundant water and grasslands made it suitable for colonization, although it's infamous for the heavy annual rainfall.[5]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Yīdiànyuán: the location of the Duchy RTC on Tiāntáng.[1]
  • Yulan River[2]
  • Yushui: the planetary capital city, located on Zìyóu.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (69 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Sharpe 10.3 Aer 11.7 Overton 14.4 Aldertaine 15.2
Relevow 16.6 New Crete 17.9 Vestallas 18.2 Rhodos 20.1
Brighton 21.5 No Return 21.8 Randar 23.7 Geifer 23.8
Milos 26.2 Ovan 28.0 Ilmar 29.9 Harloc 29.9
New Sagan 30.9 Bhykov 31.8 Taga 32.4 Capricorn 32.6
Capella 33.2 Glasgow 33.6 Cordiagr 34.3 Minnacora 34.6
Kittery 34.9 Lamu 35.3 Sarmaxa 36.0 Scituate 36.8
Kohlman 37.1 Denbar 37.9 Nashuar 40.1 Hexare 43.3
Sarna 44.3 Truth 44.8 Ares 45.3 Bora 45.4
Necromo 46.5 Hustaing 46.7 Harbin 46.8 Preston 46.9
New Westin 47.1 Chitwan 47.1 Gurnet 48.1 Lhasa 48.3
Kaifeng 48.9 Alto 49.1 Armaxa 49.3 Quemoy 49.4
Bandora 49.5 Imalda 49.6 Spica 52.0 Indicass 52.1
Staffin 52.6 St. Loris 53.7 Decus 54.2 St. Ives 54.2
Kurragin 54.4 Raballa 54.8 Masterson 56.5 Tsingtao 56.6
Weekapaug 56.7 Sakhalin 57.5 Bogerth 58.3 Lesalles 58.7
Sian 59.0 Kashilla 59.2 Mumbai 59.4 Purvo 59.8
Dowles 60.0 Monhegan 60.3 Heligoland 61.0 Laong 61.8


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