Died 10 Sept 3050?
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon

Gell (born ???? – died 10 Sept 3050?) was a trueborn MechWarrior serving in the elite Falcon Guards during the opening stages of Operation Revival. A ComStar intelligence report described him as "a large, powerful man who seems better-suited for Clan Elemental service than MechWarrior duty".[1]


Star Captain Gell was commander of the Falcon Guards' Delta Trinary, a mixed formation of OmniMechs and Elementals.[2]


The Twycross Campaign[edit]

Once his unit had overcome the infantry militia forces in and around the city of Camora, Gell's Elementals were able to move in and disarm the numerous vibrabombs that had been planted to damage the advancing Jade Falcon BattleMechs.[3]

The FedCom Counterattack[edit]

The Falcon Guards were still on Twycross in September 3050 when the Federated Commonwealth launched a counter-assault. Gell and his warriors were with the rest of the Guards as they entered the Great Gash. He was thought to have died along with his Trinary when the Great Gash collapsed by means of explosive charges.[4]


Gell piloted a Vulture throughout the Battle for Twycross.[5]


The ComStar report on the Twycross Campaign credits Gell as developing the "new and innovative" tactic of mounting Elementals on the hulls of OmniMechs.[6]


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