Gemini Stables

Gemini Stables
Colors/Badge Red / Silver; two female figures silhouettes standing back to back against a silver sunburst
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran (3067)
Rating B (3067)
Faction Affiliation Federated Suns
Units Used
BattleMechs 19 (3067)


Gemini Stables is a Solaris VII based BattleMech fighting Stable. The Stable is based in Black Hills.[1]


The Gemini Stables was founded by former Co-Solaris Champions Elizabeth and Tanya O'Bannon in 3058.[1] The two twin MechWarriors founded their stables after their retirement, becoming co-Stable Masters. The Stable fought number of respective amount of fights since its founding. After 3059 the Stable started fielding cutting edge warriors. During the 3062 riots just before the FedCom Civil War, the unit fought as allies with the sisters' former stable the White Hand Stables. [2]

The Stable merged with Banshees Stables on 3071, announced by Jason Bloch[3] with Tanya O'Bannon in charge. After that sometimes the stable was called Banshee-Gemini Stables‎.[4]

The Stable had survived into the Dark Age.[5]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

Since its founding, Elizabeth and Tanya O'Bannon have switched off duties, with one acting as Stable Master and the other being a trainer for their MechWarriors.

Notable Personnel[edit]



As per 3067 28 MechWarriors were fighting for Gemini Stables.

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Jason Bloch Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Solaris VII champion in 3050 and 3054 Solaris Games Grand Champion [4]
Samantha Coleman Clan Invasion
Civil War
Ilsa Laszlo Civil War [7]
Fatima Petrovitch Dark Age [5]
Rance Xabat Dark Age [8]

Pit Fighters[edit]

It is unknown how many Pit Fighters fight for Gemini Stables.

Known Pit Fighters[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Based on the O'Bannon sisters' style, MechWarriors of the stables have taken up the brutal, high-heat tactics which are customized to their opponents style.


Geminis' main compound was one of the first casualties in the Blakists' final five-day artillery bombardment of Cathay and the Black Hills.[3]


The Stable Standard Contract is at 25% earning and a 1,600 C-Bills salary per month.[10]


Game Rules[edit]

The Gemini Stables is Equipment Rating is B, Veteran Skilled.

MechWarriors of the stables have a reduction of all modifiers from heat by 1. Also the controlling player using Gemini affiliated MechWarrior whom wins the initiative by 4 points, gains a -1 to-hit modifier to all their weapons for that turn only.[11]


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