Generic Expandable Services Vehicle

Generic Expandable Services Vehicle.jpg
Generic Expandable Services Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Federated Suns
Use Multifunction Support OmniVehicle
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Medium)
Equipment Rating E/X-X-E/D
Introduced 3066[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons
Speed 64 km/h
Top Speed 97 km/h
Power Plant electric (fuel cell)
Fuel (Type/Range) 2,745 km
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Armament None
Armor Unspecified
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 7
Crew 2


Created by the Federated Suns, the Generic Expandable Services Vehicle (also known as the GESV) is designed to be a multirole support vehicle. Using an OmniVehicle chassis, the vehicle is able to be reconfigured to a number of roles, which include its principal configuration as a mobile command post. The GESV is utilized by military, government, and nongovernment organizations.

Aside from being employed as a military and civilian Mobile Headquarters, it is utilized as a cargo vehicle, mobile kitchen, and MASH unit. Additionally, its trailer has its own different configurations to enhance the GESV's abilities to meet the needs of its user.[2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The GESV pulling unit is based on a Tractor and Omni Chassis. The vehicle is able to pull multiple trailers with its fuel cell motor. The vehicle is protected by tons of BAR 7 grade armor.


Various, see Alternate Configurations. It has two doors, one for right and left sides.

GESV Tractor Configurations[edit]

  • MASH Configuration 
    The medical configuration of the GESV track includes single MASH unit, with two sets of 5 surgical theaters. Crewed by thirty personnel, this module has a cargo capacity of 2.5 tons.
  • Mobile Command Post Configuration 
    The Mobile Command Post is fitted with 7 tons of Communication Equipment. Mounted on its rear, the configuration gives 2 Remote Sensor Dispensers. In this configuration, the module requires a crew of 7 people.
  • Mobile Field Kitchen Configuration 
    It features two field kitchens, 1.7 tons refrigerated space and 3 tons reserve standard cargo. It has a crew requirement of 6 and can feed upwards to 300 personal.

GESV Trailer[edit]

The 15 ton GESV Trailer is designed similarly to tractor, utilizing an Omni chassis. It also built to be attached to another GESV Trailer. The Trailer is protected by 1.5 tons of BAR 7 grade armor and has the Equipment Rating of E/X-X-X/E.[3]

GESV Trailer Configurations[edit]

  • Bunker Configuration 
    Designed as mobile home for general personal or infantry. It has two foot infantry bays to house up to 60 people. It is noted that bunker configuration is cramped. Bunker has 1.5 tons worth of cargo space for basic supplies.
  • Cargo/Workspace Configuration 
    Designed as combination of cargo trailer and multifunction workspace. It has maximum cargo capacity of 11.5 tons.


  • At time of this writing, there are no published record sheets for neither the GESV's tractor and trailers nor any of its variants.
  • The GESV features a tractor, trailer, Omni Chassis, and control modifications.