Genetic Repository

The Clans maintain a number of Genetic Repositories dedicated to preserving genetic samples linked to each of the Bloodnames associated with those warriors who first accompanied Nicholas Kerensky on the Second Exodus. Genetic repositories play a vital role in the Clans' eugenics program, which likewise makes them potential targets. While containing the necessary material for the breeding process to function, the actual work of combining sperm with ova and birthing trueborn warriors is conducted at dedicated birthing centers.[1]

Master Repository of the Clans[edit]

Located on Strana Mechty, the Master Repository of the Clans contains the genetic samples of every single Bloodnamed warrior and serves as a point of transfer between Clans trading (or giving up) any genetic material. The Master Repository forms part of the Hall of Khans complex and consists of a master genetic storage facility in Katyusha City and all of the Blood Chapels located in the surrounding Svoboda Zemylya park. An ornately gothic building designed by Jennifer Winson, Nicholas' wife, the Katyusha City facility consists of two hundred meter tall towers at its center, each one containing numerous administrative rooms and laboratories, and deep underground vaults for the storage of genetic material, a precaution against nuclear or orbital bombardment. Each ornate Blood Chapel contains the DNA of every member of a Bloodname House, living or dead, in both physical and digital storage, along with the history of each sample, its ancestors and descendants. The most successful are ever-expanding to meet the need for additional storage, while the least-successful are left to crumble and be consumed in ivy, their contents eventually transferred to the Katyusha complex. While the Master Repository of the Clans contains all genetic material, it is not necessarily the first to receive a warrior's giftake; that honor usually goes to their respective Clan's repository, to be copied and transferred to Strana Mechty at a later date.[1]

Clan Repositories[edit]

Each Clan also maintains their own Master Repository located on their capital world, storing and cataloging all of the genetic material from all of that Clan's Bloodnamed. This material is usually organized by Bloodhouse and bloodline, while their design and layout reflects not only their importance but also the nature of their Clan. Following the destruction of the Clan Snow Raven master repository by the Not-Named Clan, each Clan has also maintained secondary sites which, though not as physically impressive, are equally important in maintaining the breeding program. Most major colony worlds have a secondary site, as does Strana Mechty, while those Clans which took part in Operation Revival have since constructed additional sites within the Inner Sphere.[1]


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