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Brigade Insignia of the Genyosha
Formed 3027
Nickname Black Ocean
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

The Genyosha Regiments are one of the pinnacle units in the DCMS, they are Dragon's elite fanatical shock troops, a floating command, answerable only to the Coordinator, their loyalty is unquestioned, they are thinkers as well as fighters, they are the embodiment of iemoto Yorinaga Kurita. The Genyosha are on the same tier of status as both the Second Sword of Light and the Hikage. Their victories span from Terra to the Clan Homeworlds. Two Coordinators – Theodore Kurita and Hohiro Kurita – have led or commanded the Genyosha. When Theodore Kurita became Gunji-no-Kanrei, the Genyosha changed from a pure 'Mech regiment a more flexiable combined-arms regiment. The Genyosha have fought on Luthien, both times to save the Combine from both Clan and traitor forces. The Genyosha are one of the few units able to stockpile battlefield salvage, they are a top priority for replacements, and can hand pick soldiers from other units. Finally, they are also one of the most C3-equipped units in the DCMS.

The formation grew between the Fourth Succession War and the Clan Invasion to two Regiments.


In 3013 Takashi Kurita was the Commander of the Second Sword of Light when the Second Sword attacked Mallory's World. Yorinaga was the Commander of the Second Battalion under Takashi. The Federated Suns would lose its First Prince, Ian Davion however the Second Sword of Light would retreat off world after the famous duel between Yorinaga and Morgan Kell, and Takashi being denied the prize of Ian Davion's body. Both Morgan and Yorinaga would retreat to monasteries. The "Genyosha" - the Black Ocean, was formed on the 1st of January of 3027 when now Coordinator Takashi Kurita sent Jiro Ishiyama to Echo directing Yorinaga to form the elite unit. Yorinaga would be able to pick fifty men, one for each year of his age, who would then train fifty men until all of those in the Genyosha would have the same heart and mind as Yorinaga. The Genyosha would have no superior except the Coordinator. The Coordinator of the Draconis Combine's first mission for Yorinaga and the Genyosha was the "utter destruction of the Kell Hounds".

Upon their formation the Genyosha reported directly to the Coordinator. They later reported directly to Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita.[1]

Both elite Genyosha regiments proved their worth time and time again throughout the Clan Invasion, with the First bringing the Combine two major victories: the Battles of Wolcott and Luthien. While aiding the fight on Luthien, the Second was not so lucky: by the Battle of Tukayyid only a battalion survived, with Tai-sa Asano recommending the unit be temporarily retired so it could be carefully rebuilt to ensure its elite status was not diluted. The reborn Second returned to active service in June 3057.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Genyosha


Different per Unit.

Units of the Genyosha[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

  • Both Genyosha regiments originally used the same paint scheme, ash gray with no accents, but after its return to service in 3057 the Second has added thin black stripes to accent its machines.
  • All Genyosha regiments use the same insignia, a black tsunami full of stars. Both regiments prominently display this on the upper left torso or upper left arm, and on an appropriate spot on vehicles or fighters. The dragon crest of House Kurita is displayed on the upper right leg of each 'Mech or equivalently on other vehicle types.


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