Geography of Luthien

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The geography of Luthien encompasses four continents, six seas, two major and numerous smaller islands and a sizable ice-covered arctic region.

Luthien World Map

Bodies of Water[edit]

Basin Lake
The more notable of the large lakes on the continent of Hokkaido, it is situated just to the west of the entrance to the Kudo-Guchi Valley and across the Urizen Mountains from Imperial City.[1][2]
Copper Sea
Arguably the largest of the five seas on Luthien, the Copper Sea forms a large basin within the region of artic region and the Hokkaido, Sakura and Aichi continents.[1][3]
Diamond Sea
One of the two northern seas; borders the northern coast of Sakura and the north-west coast of Hokkaido.[1][4]
Emerald Sea
Running up against the continents of Aichi and Sakura, the southern Emerald Sea also contains several island chains.[1][5]
Obsidian Sea
Framed by the continents of Aichi, Hokkaido and Shizuoka, the central Obsidian Sea reaches north across the equator into Hokkaido's eastern bight.[1][2]
Seiyo Sea
Borders the continent of Sakura and Nagoya Island and neighbors the Emerald Sea.[1][4]
Shaidan Basin
An oceanic depression located south of the continent of Sakura. Sakura's southern peninsula wraps around the basin and it opens to the Seiyo Sea. The metropolis of Amori is on the shores of the Shaidan Basin and both the city of Haratston and the Arisaka Munitions Complex are relatively close.[1][4]
Silver Sea
The Silver Sea is the western of the two central seas, bordering Hokkaido's west coast and Sakura's east coast. Galedon Island is just off-center of the sea and the continent of Shizuoka meets the sea from the south pole.[1][2]


the continent of Aichi is located primarily below the equator, surrounded by the Copper, Emerald and Obsidian seas. It hosts the metropolis of Skytower City and the city of Obuchi-Galileo, as well as the Buda Weapons Sector. The Fukai Wastes are found on the western side of the continent.[1][3]
With the larger portion of the landmass on the northern side of the equator, Hokkaido is surrounded by the Copper, Obsidian, Silver and Diamond seas, with the arctic region immediately to the north. Located on Hokkaido is the capital of the Draconis Combine (and the planet), Imperial City, as well as the co-located metropolis LAW City and the cities of Jirushi City, Tokaoguchi and Tokoname. Two mountain ranges, the Kiyomori and Urizen, the Kado-Guchi valley, the Nijunen Desert and Basin Lake are the most notable geographical features, with the Plaza of Infinite Sadness and the Hiroshima Peace Preserve as the man-made equivalents. The Takashi Memorial Spaceport is located just to the south of Imperial City.[1][2]
Framed by the Diamond, Copper and Seiyo seas, this continent is the most western of the four. Located on Sakura are the metropolises of Amari (to the north) and Amori (to the south), the cities of Haratston, Lyubavitsh, New Sakhalin and Sanyo-Thebes and both the Focke-Achgelis Motorworks and the Fortress Sanethia. The continent's southern peninsula wraps around the Shaidan Basin.[1][4]
The antarctic continent is host to both the city of Ishikawajima and the Ishikawajima-Harima Battle Armor Industries factory.[1][2]


Fukui Wastes
The Fukui Wastes is an unproductive area of land on the western side of the continent of Aichi and is located southwest of the city of Obuchi-Galileo. It is comprised largely of desert, but also of a few hills and plains area.[1][3]
Nijunen Desert
The desert, located on Hokkaido's western side and running above the planet's equator includes the city of Takaoguchi.[1][2]


Dragon's Tears
a chain of islands connecting the continents of Hoikkaido and Aichi and separating the Copper and Obsidian seas.[1][3]
Galedon Island
A fair length removed from Hokkaido, on the Silver Sea, Galedon Island hosts the Mount Galedon facility.[1][2][6]
Nagoya Island
Located between the Seiyo and Silver Seas; the city of Nishio is located in the island's northern forests.[1][4]

Mountains and Hills[edit]

Kiyomori Mountains
The Kiyomoris are the northern-most of the two notable ranges on the continent of Hokkaido. Cutting through two deserts, the heights overlook the Plaza of Infinite Sadness (to the east) and the Kado-Guchi Valley to the south.[1][2]
Urizen Mountains
The Urizens are separated from the Kiyomoris by Kudo-Guchi Valley; they extend south and wrap to the east coats of Hokkaido to the Obsidian Sea. Jirushi City is located right along that coast, below the range.[1][2]
Waseda Hills
These numerous slopes are the southern trailing end of the Kiyomori Mountains and form the northwest border of Imperial City.[7]


Tairakana Plains
Located to the northwest of Basin Lake, leading up to the Kiyomori Mountains.[7]


Kudo-Guchi River
This river runs from Basin Lake through Imperial City (between the Palace and Tumbledown districts) and into the lake(s) south of Law City.[7][8]


Kudo-Guchi Valley
The valley runs between the northern Kiyomori range and the southern Urizens on the continent of Hokkaido. Imperial City lies within its eastern length and at the western entrance lies Basin Lake.[1][2]


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