Gerald Cameron-Jones

Gerald Cameron-Jones.jpg
Gerald Cameron-Jones
Character Profile
Born 2994[1]
Died 3076[2]
Affiliation House Cameron-Jones
Rank Force Commander[2]
Title(s) Baron[2]
Profession Noble
Parents Carmelo Cameron-Jones (father)[1]
Siblings Lynn[1]

Gerald Cameron-Jones was a Early thirty-first century Minor Nobleman, Military Officer and MechWarrior from Principality of Regulus.

Character Physical & Mental Description[edit]

In his youth, he possessed dirty blond hair with gray eyes. Also, he was considered short. He was known for ferocity in tactics and as well defense. Unlike the rest of House Cameron-Jones, he was reluctant to get involved in politics. More of a straightforward individual who did not like corruption that his family was well known for. He was also known for his humanity values.


Early Life[edit]

Gerald was born on the Free Worlds League world of Harmony and is the second son of Principality of Regulus Politician, Carmelo Cameron-Jones. Gerald was not fond of politics despite being taught well enough to be diplomatic. He was extremely loyal to House Marik, and joined the military feeling it was the glue that held the League together.

Military Career[edit]

He attended the Princefield Military Academy, where he was shown to have good command skills of discipline and was strict about maintenance of his equipment. During his academy days, he caught the attention of then First Regulan Hussars commanding officer, Colonel Kinchuhara. Liking what he saw, Kinchuhara began to secretly groom Gerald for a company command position in his regiment.

After graduating, he was assigned to the Colonel's regiment as part of the Eastern Star Strike Battalion. He was assigned Rolling Thunder Company, under the command of Force Captain Vic "Ripper" Davis. He rose through the ranks of the rough and tumble company to command its Fire Lance in 3019. Three years after becoming the Fire Lance's commander, Force Captain Davis was promoted to the Battalion's commanding officer position. Gerald was then promoted to Force Captain and assumed command of Rolling Thunder in late 3022, after the unit had returned from a tour garrisoning Atreus.[1]

Commanding Officer of Rolling Thunder[edit]

Gerald's first tour as the Thunder's commanding officer had his unit switching between garrisoning Regulus and worlds on the Lyran border. From 3023 to November 3024, the unit alternated between these two roles, and Gerald led the company on occasional raiding missions.

In December of 3024, the unit was dispatched to world of Tiber. The unit was sent to heavily industrialize world due to dissent activity and Thunder was intended to conduct counterinsurgency against the guerrillas. In January, Gerald and his unit loyalty were put to the test. Gerald and his people were forced to fight a renegade Regulan Hussar unit which had defected to the rebel forces. In this tough battle were forced to destroy the traitors.[4]

Late in the year, in May of 3025 the unit was assigned to fight insurgents on Hong Qiao. However, Gerald, was with more elusive enemy who, unlike on Tiber, fought from the shadows, frustrating himself and his command. The unit was ambushed number times by the local Third Route Army, including a notable encounter in August where the Attack Lance was on a seek-and-destroy mission, the guerrilla forces attacked them in the steamy jungles of Xinhuai River Valley.[5] After five months of futile attempts to destroy the insurgents, the Gerald was order by Regulan high command pull his unit out for reassigned elsewhere.

The Thunder was reassigned to work with its parent regiment in a reprisal campaign against the Capellan Confederation. On its arrival with First Hussars on Calloway VI, the regiment discovered that House Liao had dispatched its 2nd Regiment of the McCarron's Armored Cavalry steal equipment from the world. Gerald and Rolling Thunder along with rest of the 1st Hussars managed to disrupt the raid, but not before being counterattacked by the Liao Mercenary before making good their escape.

On Wallis in 3027, Gerald lead the unit again in counterinsurgency mission. The unit was forced to be on the run after two weeks arriving. He lead the unit attempting dodge enemy Aerospace Fighters hunting them. Wasn't until sometime later did the unit without reinforcements, managed to put down the coup and bring the world under League control.

In October, Gerald and the company was sent to rejoin rest of the 1st Regulan Hussars for a raiding campaign in Lyran space. Striking world of Poulsbo in January 3028, Gerald's unit was assigned to hit city of Silverdale. Soon after landing and securing the Landing Zone, his troops reported incoming VTOLs and armor units in the city itself. The Gerald's force clashed with local defenders, including the 2nd Lyran Armored Brigade. The Company with rest of the Regulan force was forced withdraw short of their objective, Bangor military base. It was able to inflict considerable mount of damage to enemy, before withdrawing from the planet.[6]

Later Years[edit]

Gerald was steadily promoted eventually from command of Rolling Thunder to the 1st Regulan Husser's Commanding Officer. In 3044, Baron Cameron-Jones retired from military service and became a representative for his homeworld of Harmony.[7]

Marriage and Children[edit]

One of Gerald's great-grandchildren, Ellen Cameron-Jones, would also serve in the First Hussars.[8]


Gerald piloted a BLG-1G BattleMaster that was modified by his personal MechTech, Jim Holloway, which exchanged the normal torso weaponry for a bank of light autocannons. This one-off modification would later serve as the inspiration for the -6C variant.[9]


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