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Geraldine Marik

Geraldine Marik
Character Profile
Born 2314
Died 2364
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General
Parents Philip Marik (father)
Siblings Mikhail Marik
Children Allan Marik

History was the sixth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[1][2]


Geraldine's tenure as Minister of Defense was generally quiet and peaceful. She served two one-year terms as Captain-General in two decades, 2349 and 2356.[2]

Despite outwardly professing loyalty, the Sian-Mariks, descendants of Christopher Marik, plotted to assassinate Geraldine, the head of House Marik. So prevalent were these attacks that the Marik increased her personal security, including retaining the use of a food taster. In 2363, the taster, Hadji-Mohammed Kimbrough, apparently foiled a plot to assassinate Geraldine when he was poisoned with arsenic. In reality, Kimbrough had been suborned by the Sian-Mariks and used the plot to enter the confidence of House Marik. Indeed, Kimbrough was awarded the Marik Eagle of Honor by Geraldine.[3][4]

Geraldine was again appointed Captain-General by Parliament in 2364 amid tensions on the border with the Lyran Commonwealth.[2]

While celebrating Marik Day, a particularly ineffective Sian-Marik assassination attempt took place against Geraldine. The Marik retinue included Dorian Sian-Marik, who was present to deflect suspicion from himself, and Geraldine's son Allan. Saboteurs destroyed the supports of the grandstand, causing Geraldine to fall seven meters. Though she was unharmed, a gang known as Satan Slashers attacked the Mariks. Geraldine's bodyguards easily fought the attack off, though Allan sustained light injuries.[5]

Death and afterward[edit]

The real attack came two months later. Hadji-Mohammed Kimbrough returned to work as Geraldine's taster in 2364. He wasted no time, assassinating her three weeks later. The Sian-Marik agent sprinkled glass in the Marik's food and disappeared, never to be found.[3]

Though Geraldine's son Allan ostensibly succeeded her, Allan was imprisoned while his uncle Mikhail ruled, technically as regent.[4]


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