Gerek Tchernovkov

Gerek Tchernovkov
BornJanuary 2777[1]
AffiliationClan Coyote
SiblingsRichard Tchernovkov[1]

Khan Gerek Tchernovkov was a warrior of Clan Coyote who would go alone to negotiate the surrender of the city of Versailles on Babylon during Operation KLONDIKE. The first Loremaster of his Clan, he would eventually rise to the position of saKhan and then Khan of the Coyotes, overseeing the introduction of the OmniMech into their touman.


Early Life[edit]

Gerek Tchernovkov was born on Tikonov in the Capellan Confederation. As a descendant of General Ivan Tchernovkov, the first SLDF division commander to not be a MechWarrior, his family's tradition of service in the Armor Corps of the Star League Defense Force was long-standing. The twin brother of Richard Tchernovkov, their father died during the Liberation of Terra, leaving their mother to take them both on the Exodus.[1]

Life on the Exodus Road[edit]

Gerek Tchernovkov would enroll at the military academy on Babylon for warrior training, while his brother Richard went into Engineering, a field that he excelled at. Gerek graduated with honors, and had his choice of assignments. In deference to his family's tradition, he would initially choose to go into the Armor Corps, serving in General Nicholas Kerensky's own 146th Royal BattleMech Division. By the time of the Second Exodus, Gerek Tchernovkov held command of one of the twelve regiments in the division. He would stay in close communication with his brother, especially after the death of their mother in 2799, but when rebellion broke out the two lost contact with one another. Gerek went on to Strana Mechty with Nicholas Kerensky and the loyal 800, leaving on the last DropShip off-world and feeling truly alone for the first time in his life.[1]

On Strana Mechty, Kerensky reorganized the Regular Army into twenty Clans. The Coyotes, who were to be led by Khan Dana Kufahl and saKhan Kesar Jerricho, were assigned Gerek Tchernovkov to assist them in the leadership of the new Clan. He was elected by his troops to be the Coyote's first Pack Master, a position that would soon evolve into the position of Clan Loremaster, recording events of the Clan from the earliest days.[1]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

When the Clans returned to the Pentagon Worlds in 2821, Gerek Tchernovkov held the rank of Star Captain, in addition to holding a position equal to Loremaster. Clan Coyote would be chosen to hit the world of Babylon along with three other Clans. Their force was almost totally comprised of heavy and assault BattleMechs.[2]

Babylon: Abyssinia[edit]

The Coyotes carried out their assault on the continent of Abyssinia with a three pronged effort in order to subdue the multitude of small settlements that dotted the desolate, mountainous landscape. Tchernovkov commanded a Binary detached from the rest of his Clan. After victories by Khan Dana Kufahl at Ponomia, and saKhan Kesar Jerricho at Luyden,[3] he would receive an invitation to meet with the leaders of the city of Versailles, high in the mountains. The invitation was directed specifically to Gerek Tchernovkov. A bit puzzled by the invitation - and quietly suspicious of the intent - Tchernovkov led his Binary to the city to listen to what their negotiators had to say.[4]

Babylon: Reunion[edit]

Upon reaching the city, Gerek Tchernovkov was unexpectedly greeted by his long-lost brother Richard, the leader of Versailles. The brothers would talk all that day and all the next. The negotiations yielded total surrender of the scientific and technological enclave on the condition that they were to be treated as equals. On the third day, Gerek sent an invitation to his Khans to come and tour the city.[4]

I bid one warrior, unaugmented with BattleMech or other machine, to secure the city of Versailles.

--Message from Star Captain Gerek Tchernovkov to Khan Dana Kufahl[4]


In the wake of Operation KLONDIKE, Khan Dana Kufahl was negatively impacted by the tragic death of her love, Andery Kerensky, cycling between depression and mania in her grief. Her saKhan, Kesar Jerricho, realized the effect this was having on the Clan, and challenged her to a Trial of Position for the Khanship of Clan Coyote. After his success, Gerek Tchernovkov would be elevated to the vacated position of saKhan.[5]

Ahead of the Pack[edit]

After the reclaiming of the Pentagon Worlds, the Coyotes raced ahead of most Clans with growth in all areas under the guidance of their leaders. The Coyote Khans backed their allies Clan Wolf against the Not-Named Clan, and again in the Absorption of Clan Widowmaker. All the while they developed a booming industrial base, and fought many trials against other Clans to defend their gains and expand their holdings, producing or taking the resources required to support a robust touman.[6]

Coyote Khans would keep their Clan's touman active with raids and trials conducted against many of their rival Clans. The Coyotes displayed a talent for finding the perfect timing to exploit weakened foes. They would attack the Cloud Cobras throughout the early decades of the Golden Century for their scientific facilities and technologies.[7] After being elected to the position of Khan in 2845, Tchernovkov hit the Star Adders as a target of opportunity, reeling as they were from losses to the hyperaggressive Clan Mongoose.[8]

Golden Century Challenges[edit]

In recognition of the need for new technologies to aid this growth, Khans Jerricho and Tchernovkov would commission new BattleMech designs often. The first of their Clan's new designs came in 2829, but these were little more than upgrades or reconfigurations of existing models. By the time Tchernovkov became Khan in 2845 more had been added, but still they would strive to improve designs to meet their warrior's demands for more flexibility in both their 'Mechs and Aerospace Fighters. Two years later, Khan Tchernovkov's brother, now called Scientist Richard (Remer),[9] made a tremendous breakthrough: A 'Mech with fully interchangeable weaponry and equipment. The OmniMech was born. After seven more years of further development, aided by Clan Sea Fox, the revolutionary design was unveiled in 2854, allowing a new wave of expansion and growth for the Clan. By 2859 the OmniMech was in full use throughout the Coyote touman, with second generation designs already entering production.[6][9]

In 2858 the Grand Council elected Zenos Danforth to the vacant office of ilKhan, to arbitrate the glut of Trials of Possession for the new technology.[10] New laws enacted would limit challenges from other Clans to one each per year. Khan Tchernovkov would often have to oversee the defense of his Clan's new invention over the next five years. Despite their vigorous defense of this technology, in 2863, Clan Jade Falcon would wrest control of the design from Coyote in a Trial of Possession. Khan Tchernovkov took that opportunity to inform Clan Wolf of the unit that had obtained the plans, allowing their Wolf allies to procure the designs for themselves. The Wolf Khans repaid his favor in kind later after their development of Elemental battle armor, when again the loathed Jade Falcons were first to win the design, this time from Clan Wolf. The information provided by the Wolf Khans allowed their Coyote allies to win the design without having to challenge their Wolf allies for it.[11]


As the Khan that helped to usher in the OmniMech, Gerek Tchernovkov's legacy extends to all Clans and has affected billions and billions of lives. But on a practical note, he would also work hard to expand the Coyote touman, such as his forming of Lamda Galaxy in 2855.[12]

As the founder of the Tchernovkov Bloodname House, his genetic legacy produces outstanding warriors in all branches of the warrior caste. His most famous descendant by far was Corian Tchernovkov, a renowned warrior who became her Clan's Khan before ascending to the station of ilKhan. She would be secretly murdered by Tobias Khatib of the Cloud Cobras, who then succeeded her as ilKhan. Eventually, evidence would come to light of his misdeed, leading to his execution for Treason and a long-standing feud with his Clan.[13]


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