Gerrik N'Buta

Gerrik N'Buta
AffiliationClan Star Adder

Gerrik N'Buta was a Khan of Clan Star Adder in the years prior to the Invasion of the Inner Sphere.


At the beginning of the thirty-first century, Clan Jade Falcon proposed that the time was right to return to the Inner Sphere and conquer it in the name of a reborn Star League. Clan Wolf sidestepped this proposition with a scheme of their own, the Dragoon Compromise, which would hold off the invasion until more could be learn about the current state of the Inner Sphere. While many Star Adder warriors were unhappy with such a delaying tactic, Khan Gerrik N'Buta saw the wisdom in such intelligence gathering and convinced his warriors to support the proposal. Khan N'Buta even offered to help train and equip Wolf's Dragoons, an offer which Khan Kerlin Ward politely declined.[1]


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