Ghost Regiments

Ghost Regiments
Formed 3033
Nickname Dealing with the Devil
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

The brainchild of Theodore Kurita (from an idea given to him by Michi Noketsuna) in the days following the Fourth Succession War, Theodore turned to the undesirables of the Draconis Combine – women, lower classes and the Yakuza – to quickly form new units in the mold of the Federated Commonwealth Corps. While instrumental in the Combine's defense during the War of 3039, the Ghost Regiments ties to the Yakuza oyabun who funded and outfitted them led to questions as to their loyalty among the more traditional members of the DCMS. The Ghost Regiments were disbanded after the Jihad, partly to meet the Combine's disarmament requirements, partly to appease those opposed to Theodore's reforms.


Early in the Jihad, the Ghost Regiments obeyed orders and guarded the Federated Suns border. None of the worlds the Ghost regiments were stationed on ever fell into rebellion.[1]

The Ghost Regiments played an active part in Operation SCOUR, the liberation of the Word of Blake Protectorate by the allied coalition, but in the wake of the Jihad the regiments found themselves a low priority for resupply and rebuilding within the DCMS. While the Ghost Regiments were receiving more support and resources than the Legions of Vega, who were receiving nothing at all, the Ghost Regiments were third in line for any support, behind the various regiments of Regulars. Their relegation to such a low status – and, indeed, their assignment to Operation SCOUR and the push on Terra ahead of other units – was due to a combination of suspicions that the Ghost Regiments were in some way supportive of the Black Dragon Society and the constant suspicion that followed the Ghosts because of their criminal origins.[2]

The actions of the Twelfth Ghost Regiment are the reason the Ghost Regiments haven't been disbanded. While on An Ting, the Twelfth gave up their DropShips so that civilians could escape from the deadly bioweapons. The Ghost Regiments use their ties to the yakuza to get their supplies and new recruits. As of 3085 the Ghost Regiments remain on the rolls of the DCMS and guard against the Dragon's foes.[3]

As of 3145, the Ghost regiments have been sent to the front of the invasion of the Federated Suns to prove their loyalty as they are still untrusted by the Gunji-no-Kanrei. Unfortunately, the troops possess the same motivations as those who were disbanded decades ago, they seek every opportunity to loot and plunder wherever they pass through.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ghost Regiments
Tai-sho Kyoshi Sunada 3150[5]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Ghost Regiments[edit]

Color Schemes and Insignia[edit]


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