Gladstone's Gladiators

Gladstone's Gladiators
Unit Profile (as of 2802)
Disbanded 2802 (destroyed)
DropShips Yes

Gladstone's Gladiators were a mercenary unit operating immediately prior to and during the First Succession War.


In Capellan Confederation employ as of 2761, Gladstone's Gladiators threatened to destroy the Hsien munitions dump and water purification plants if their demands were not met following a contract dispute. However, they abandoned the planet after the first battalion of the Second Kearny Highlanders retook the munitions depot in a daring nighttime raid.[1]

Entering service with the Free Worlds League in 2784, [2] the Gladiators took part in Captain-General Kenyon Marik's efforts to reclaim the Duchy of Andurien, joining the Fourth and Eleventh Atrean Dragoons and the complete Baldwin's Cobras Heavy Brigade to retake Andurien itself.[3]

The Second Kearny Highlanders took a special interest in tracking down and destroying the Gladiators in the four decades after they fled Hsien. In September of 2802 the Highlanders learned from the Maskirovka that the Gladiators were en route to Zion. They raced ahead to Zion, borrowing transport and equipment from the Maskirovka Special Operations Branch, and ambushed the Gladiators on the ground just after they had completed offloading, with aerospace suppressing fire keeping their DropShips on the ground. Ten Ostroc and three Assassin 'Mechs were salvaged from Gladstone's Gladiators, who were destroyed to the last man.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Gladstone's Gladiators



Composition History[edit]


Gladstone's Gladiators (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[4]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Dieudonne. The unit was destroyed during the war. [4]


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