Glen Stryker

Glen Stryker
Affiliation Blackhearts

Glen Stryker (Born ???? - Died ????) was a member of the Blackhearts mercenary unit.[1]


Military Career[edit]

Stryker was an officer within the Blackhearts, and by the beginning of the Jihad had reached the rank of Major and was serving as the regimental Executive Officer (XO). When the Commanding Officer of the Blackhearts, Colonel Marcus Johnson was killed on Wasat in 3069 Stryker took command of the Blackhearts, having been tipped off by Johnson as to the true events occurring in the leadup to Johnson's death. Stryker led the Blackhearts into the wilderness, striking at the mercenaries the Word of Blake had hired to pursue them, Raymond's ACR and the HeavyHell Raisers. Under Stryker's command the Blackhearts destroyed Raymond's ACR and inflicted enough casualties on the HeavyHell Raisers to force them to withdraw, leading to the Word deploying elements of the 3rd Militia Division against them.[2]

The Blackhearts lacked the numbers and resources to take on the Blakist Division directly and instead fought a two-year guerilla war, but when presented with two choices - surrender, or see Wasat Prime, the capital city of Wasat, subjected to nuclear bombardment - Stryker elected to lead the Blackhearts through the wilderness to their hidden DropShips and retreat from Wasat. Stymied, the Precentor commanding the 3rd Militia Division destroyed Wasat Prime anyway.[2]

Unbeknownst to anyone, including the Word of Blake intelligence services, Stryker led the Blackhearts to Zion. Serving as a Colonel, Stryker led the Blackhearts in an organized campaign to rebuild in secret while simultaneously training an insurgency and resistance movement on Zion. The Blackhearts also worked to actively infiltrate the government and other strategically important organizations and facilities across the planet. As Operation SCOUR began in early 3077, Stryker had the insurgency go on the offensive, and it worked so effectively that within two months of the first blows the government had been replaced, and the Word of Blake forces and their sympathizers had been forced to retreat.[1]

Stryker subsequently announced that he considered the Blackhearts to still be in the employ of the Free Worlds League, and that he planned to bring the Blackhearts into the Free Worlds League front SCOUR forces commanded by Duchess Alys Rousset-Marik.[1]

Personal Life[edit]

A Word of Blake special operations officer identified only as the Demi-Precentor-level Poltergeist-Delta Leslie produced a report for the Terra Domini figure known only as Precentor Lucifer follwing the reappearance of the Blackhearts on Zion. In it, Leslie suggested having Colonel Stryker and an individual she described as a "lifelong friend" Stryker calls "Grevista da Tempestrade" assassinated; the insinuation was that Stryker was in a homosexual relationship, but no other sources historically confirm or deny this or the existence of Grevista da Tempestrade at this time.[1]



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