(Lacertosaurus Caninus Kitterieii)
Creature information
Type Predatory reptile
Homeworld Kittery
Environment Dense, tropical jungles
Average mass 35 kg
Average length 120 centimeters
Average height 50 centimeters
Creature stats
System  ???
STR  ???
BOD  ???
DEX  ???
RFL  ???
WIL  ???
EDG  ???
Traits  ???
Skills  ???
Size  ???
Armor  ???
Attack  ???

The Godan[1] is a reptilian pack hunter from the planet Kittery.


When the Federated Suns took the planet Kittery in 3005, they made the mistake of patrolling the planet's dense jungles during the day and lost many soldiers. Not to the armed resistance, but to the Godan. This light green, canine-sized reptile is a vicious predator that travels in packs of up to twenty members. These packs, led by the eldest female, can pass through the underbrush of Kittery's jungles with ease. This allows them to run down and kill a person despite being slower than the average human. When hungry or wounded, Godans can become extremely aggressive and have been known to devour a fellow pack mate.

Godans are inactive at night as they are dependent on their eyesight for hunting. It was during the night that the armed resistance on Kittery, the Kittery Tong, were able to travel unmolested.


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