Golden Ordun

The Golden Ordun was a short lived alliance between both Clans Hell's Horses and Jade Falcon followers of the Mongol Doctrine in the 32th century.


The Golden Ordun, named after the Gold's Horde was formed by Malvina Hazen, after reaching the place of Khan of Clan Jade Falcon. To compensate the lack of troops of her clan to expand into the Lyran Commonwealth, after her civil war, she searched the alliance of the Clan Hell's Horses, which shared another version of her doctrine. Before that, she had already forcefully absorbed Fire Horse Galaxy in 3136, after killing his leader in a farce of Trial of Position.[1] But she needed more of them. In 3144, she ordered a series of Trials of Position on Horse's planets, accidentally devastating large areas of the planets. The need of more resources and the fear of Malvina's reprisals made the Horse's Khan accept the offer. The Horses, however, never fully committed to the Ordun. Most of the Horses warrior felt horrified by the Falcon's atrocities. Others, like Beta Galaxy of the Horses, the original founders of the Doctrine, fully embraced Malvina's tactics, and eventually fell victim to them. In the planet Timkovichi, to destroy the mercenary group Kell Hounds, Malvina Hazen ordered a orbital bombardment over them, destroying the majority of the group... and too most of Beta, who was fighting them.[2]

However, the Horse's Khan sent only parts of her Touman to fight with the Falcons, keeping their losses low.[3]

In 3145, after the Ordun's attack on planet Hesperus II failed, suffering both Clans heavy losses, the Horse's Khan dissolved the Ordun, returning to their Occupation Zone.[4]


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