Production information
Manufacturer Bergan Industries BA Annex
Transitional Facility A-4
Production Year 3067[1]
Use Assault
Weight Class Assault
Tech Base Clan
Cost 790,300 C-bills
Introduced 3067
Technical specifications
Mass 2,000 kg
Top Speed 21 km/h

Armor Type Fire Resistant
BV (1.0) 110[2]
BV (2.0) 125[3][4]


The Golem is a battle armor design that was created by Clan Ghost Bear. Following their conflicts with first the Draconis Combine, then Clan Hell's Horses, the Bears decided they wanted something that could compete with the Kanazuchi and Gnome. The Golem is the result of that process and features enough armor to shrug off a Heavy Large Laser. In addition, this armor is fire resistant, so it is unaffected by Flamers and Inferno rounds. Though it cannot jump, the Golem is still speedier than the other assault-class designs. While that does not make this battlesuit fast, it does give it the ability to bring its strong weapons to bear on a target, even as it can withstand the punishment meted out by an enemy.[2][5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The main guns on the Golem are its twin Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannons, one mounted under each arm. Though these weapons have a short range, they can deal a lot of damage for their size and are quite effective against unarmored infantry. For backup, the Golem mounts an Advanced SRM 5 with a single reload. The advanced launcher is the closest thing battle armor has to a Streak missile system, including its range profile.[3]


  • Rock 
    The "Rock Golem" is produced by Clan Hell's Horses. It downgrades the missile launcher to a standard SRM-5. The autocannons are replaced with a pair of Heavy Recoilless Rifles, each in their own Detachable Weapon Mount. This gives the Golem greater range with virtually no loss in firepower, though the mounts do slow down the battlesuit to 10 km/h unless they are jettisoned. BV (2.0) = 113[3], 99[6]
  • Fast Assault 
    This Horses variant goes in the opposite direction of the Rock Golem. It replaces the armor with standard battlesuit armor and retains the downgraded SRM launcher of the earlier variant, though it has the same protection. It reduces the ground speed to 10 km/h, but includes jump packs and a Jump Booster that enable it to jump ninety meters. This necessitated downgrading the weapon systems to a single Machine Gun and an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount. BV (2.0) = 73[3], 71[7]
  • Support 
    This Ghost Bear variant replaced the standard equipment, with an Advanced SRM 6 and a dual Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount.[8] BV (2.0) = 132[9]



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