Gordon Halloran

Gordon Halloran
Affiliation The Ghosts of Spartacus
Self-Appointed Major

Character History[edit]

Gordon Halloran was a slave in the Marian Hegemony.

He was the leader of the armor unit of the The Ghosts of Spartacus, Johnny Brower's Hellraisers, a group of slaves from the Marian Hegemony who rebelled against their masters. Seizing equipment and supplies, they created a hidden base on Baccalieu where they stole property, freed other slaves, and ran several successful propaganda campaigns against the Hegemony. Limited in their support options, the unit was light on 'Mechs (fielding only a lance) but this was balanced out by the possession of two companies of armor, a battalion of conventional infantry, and a squadron of AeroSpace Fighters. More importantly, the Ghosts of Spartacus received technical support from Rim Commonality and Magistracy of Canopus sources. The Rim Commonality also sent a news team to cover the events surrounding the Spartan's activities, which brought the unit to the notice of many people in the Free Worlds League and beyond.[1]


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