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Gorman Bekker

Gorman Bekker
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Profession Star Commander

Star Commander Gorman Bekker was a Clan Ghost Bear MechWarrior best known for his skill at the controls of the then-new Executioner OmniMech.[1]


Among the Ghost Bear's most elite warriors, Gorman Bekker would serve an unprecedented twenty-two years in one of his Clan's most elite Keshiks. During that time, his legacy would be entwined with that of the Executioner OmniMech.[1]

Numerous Clans expressed interest in the newly developed assault weight OmniMech with Star Captain Reginald Amirault of Clan Hell's Horses the first to issue a Trial of Possession for the design, with Bekker winning the bid to defend. Neglecting the Hell's Horses Watch's briefing on the design, Amirault was shocked when the seemingly underpowered assault 'Mech deftly jumped behind his Timber Wolf, Bekker eviscerating his opponent with one targeted weapons volley.[1]

Over the first few decades of its deployment, multiple Clans would repeatedly trial for the Executioner or its production site with the Ghost Bears defeating all comers, Bekker alone successfully winning eighteen trials against fourteen Clans. Gorman Bekker's nineteenth trial for the Executioner would be his last, Clan Smoke Jaguar successfully winning a Stars worth of the 'Mech when the Ghost Bear MechWarrior died when he suffered a massive brain aneurysm in the middle of the Trial.[1]

Refusing to believe such a fierce warrior could be felled by a mere natural malady, the Smoke Jaguars honored Gorman Bekker's legacy by including a small statue of him at their genetic repository, an almost unheard of recognition for a representative of an enemy Clan.[1]


Gorman Bekker is best known for his masterful use of an Executioner for numerous decades prior to his death.[1]



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