Gorman Toth

Gorman Toth
Affiliation Periphery

Gorman Toth was a Pirate MechWarrior in the Marik Periphery border near Astrokaszy[1]


Gorman Toth was a small time bandit with his own company Legion of Honor used to free picking planets on the Marik Periphery near Astrokaszy. The arrival of the Kell Hounds changed this. Several small commands were destroyed by them and risks increased. He hatched a plan with another pirate, Hassin Hys, so Toth's band could attack Mankova while Hys and his band would attack Bismarck so that the Kell Hounds could not stop both of them. This scheme worked, and the Kell Hounds left Mankova to attack Bismarck, Gorman Toth and his 'Mech company raided the planet when Toth heard rumors that a Star League depot had been discovered during the last Marik Civil War, but that the citizens had kept it quiet because they did not want fighting over the regiment of new 'Mechs hidden in the depot. Hearing that the depot had been located during strip mining, Toth's raiders headed for the mining area of the planet: Foredam Mining District. This would be his final mistake. Instead of quickly leaving as pirates do, Toth tried to retrieve these 'Mechs and was caught in the Kell Hounds' trap: the cache did not exist, and the Kell Hounds were there, after already having driven off Hassin Hys and his band.

It is not known if Gorman Toth died in that battle, but no pirate escaped the Kell Hounds, so even if alive, he would have been sentenced to a harsh penal term by House Marik.[2]


Gorman Toth piloted a Marauder.[1]


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