Grace's Kiss

Grace's Kiss
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Monarch
In service since ca. 3011
In service until 11 December 3071 (reported missing)


The logs of the Grace's Kiss start in 3011 and for sixty years no maintenance problems aside from common wear and tear had been noted in the ship's log, and all previous operators reported her a proven and reliable vessel. In 3071 the DropShip belonged to the Night Star Travel Shipping Conglomerate.

In December 3071 the Grace's Kiss was last seen orbiting the planet Marantha before heading for the system's nadir jump point to link up with the White Star Lines JumpShip Tabitha.

It failed at arrive. The JumpShip captain reported the DropShip missing when he arrived at the zenith point at Campoleone, after having waited in vain for 60 hours at the Marantha jump point for its arrival.

Word of Blake Precentor Harrison Blume (one of the senior administrators in the Abbey District) was listed as a passenger aboard Grace's Kiss. The leading suspicion at the that time was foul play though it was possible that some deep-space malady affected her course. As no distress signal or warning beacons had been discovered thus far in the Marantha system, and taking into account that Precentor Harrison Blume was not a member of the Word of Blake Militia and therefore a non-combatant, the leading conspiracy theories pointed to a rogue military unit that might have apprehended the DropShip for the purposes of capturing the Precentor and using him to ransom the Word of Blake.[1]


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