Grave Robber

Grave Robber
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union
In service until 15 June 3095


The Grave Robber was a Union-class DropShip in service with Interstellar Expeditions in the late thirty-first century. It was part of a small detachment from Interstellar Expeditions under the overall command of Doctor Wade Laurence Beauregard working on a world in an unnamed system in the Periphery located 22.7 light years coreward of the system known as McEvedy's Folly in June 3095 where Dr. Beauregard's team discovered a large and well-hidden subterranean complex constructed by the Minnesota Tribe that contained numerous relics abandoned by the Tribe, including ancient noteputers that provided an exhaustive account of the origins and history of the Minnesota Tribe.[1]

Beauregard's research was stolen by Oleg Spector, a Word of Blake agent posing as a mercenary and head of Beauregard's security team. Beauregard was able to kill Spector and retrieve his research, but only after the arrival of Word of Blake forces in the system had been discovered. The Grave Robber was destroyed by Spectral fighters while her sister DropShip Howard Carter was destroyed by fire from the Thera-class carrier WarShip Corinth. Dr. Beauregard and his expedition on the ground were destroyed when the Blakists attacked his position with carpet bombing and what appears to have been a nuclear weapon.[1]


Neither the Grave Robber nor the Howard Carter have their class stated, but art going with the story depicts a Union-class DropShip with IE markings being destroyed by Spectral fighters near a planet with several moons and an orbiting asteroid belt (matching the description of the unnamed world in the story). The Grave Robber was the vessel reporting it had come under Spectral attack, and it would have been a military design as it carried the dig team's security detachment whereas the other IE DropShip, the Howard Carter, was conducting research from orbit (and may thus have been a civilian vessel) and was specifically observed to be destroyed by what appears to be Naval Laser blasts from (presumably) the Corinth. The vessel depicted would thus be the Grave Robber.


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