Green Ghosts

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Green Ghosts
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

The so-called Green Ghosts are an enigmatic and highly unusual warband. They began raiding the Lyran (coreward and anti-spinward) periphery border, i.e. the general area of the former Rim Worlds Republic, in 3060 and continued their operations at least through 3089.

Notably, their raids seem to focus on archaeological sites of religious or cultural significance, old Star League sites, and Lostech. As a result, Interstellar Expeditions (IE) and their contractors have come under attack from them particularly often.

Adding to the overall mystery are their elite skills and strange battlefield conduct, combined with their well-maintained cutting edge equipment (including recent 'Mech designs, Clan technology, several JumpShips with Lithium-Fusion Batteries and reportedly even a small WarShip) that suggests superior education and a massive secret support base.

The origin, organization, leadership or motivation of the Green Ghosts is unknown. They take great pains to cover their tracks, to the point of killing their own and destroying their equipment when they cannot be extracted from a raid. Several distinct sub-units seem to exist, including elements of Clan and Word of Blake origin. There is evidence the group may have undergone some change around ca. 3080.


There were 310 recorded attacks by the Green Ghosts between 3060 and 3089.[1]

In 3060, four JumpShips with sixteen DropShips from the 7th Crucis Lancers, carrying some 11,000 personnel and their equipment, vanished without a trace after being sent to the periphery system Savarin 223-74 for exercises.[2] It was later noted that this happened just before the Green Ghosts first appeared, fielding many BattleMechs typical for an AFFC Regimental Combat Team. However, there is no actual evidence linking the Green Ghosts to this incident and the Green Ghosts were not encountered in the region where the 7th Crucis Lancers were operating.[3]

Between ca. 3060 and December 3062, elements of the 9th Lyran Regulars clashed on at least five occasions with a pirate group that had been attacking world after world in the Lyran Alliance and near periphery and taking (only) historical and archeological items and records. Said pirates had been unearthing old Star League sites in at least two instances while fending off opposition. The Regulars' forces were driven off or wiped out in all five encounters.[4]

In early 3066 unknown aggressors attacked several worlds in the Lyran Alliance's Melissia Theater. Piloting 'Mechs including classic Star League designs like the Highlander but also recent designs such as the Falconer and Stealth, and Clan OmniMechs, they went after archeological sites.[5] The Quanatir MTM tracked them to Khartoum by late May, where they were apparently unearthing the remains of a 600-year-old settlement. In the ensuing battle, the Green Ghosts, fielding three companies of 'Mechs, vanquished two militia battalions of mixed 'Mechs and tanks and captured a dozen 'Mechs and some two dozen militiamen.[6]

Elements from Gabhardt's Carabineers–a mercenary unit in Lyran employ and based out of Timbuktu–had repeatedly clashed with the Green Ghosts by 3067 on various worlds, invariably suffering defeat.[7]

Frequently working for IE in the periphery, the mercenary Periphery Star Guard had suffered significant damage at the hands of the Green Ghosts in several encounters by 3068, though no details were given.[8][9][10][11] During one mission in the Deep Periphery in or shortly before 3066, the Periphery Star Guard worked together with the Devil's Brigade (also in IE employ),[12] who was also later mentioned as having survived at least one encounter with the Green Ghosts.[9]

On 1 August 3068 the Green Ghosts attacked Grant Station Tango, Interstellar Expeditions' main research complex on Tomans, concurrently with a Clan Jade Falcon force. Gannon's Cannons were stationed at the site in what was supposed to be an R&R assignment, and prevailed against both attackers in a three-sided fight. The Ghosts pressed their attack and destroyed around a third of the buildings before being driven back.[13][14] Green Ghosts conscript Trenton Calooph was captured alive after a building collapsed on the APC he was in,[15] but he could not offer significant new insights into the group due to his mental condition.

On 13 July 3069 the Star Seeds mercenary unit captured the Silhouette, a Green Ghosts Overlord-class DropShip, in the Tomans system on its return leg from the planet after another fracas between the Green Ghosts and Clan Jade Falcon. They reportedly kept their boarding DropShip between the Overlord and the Green Ghosts' Magellan-class JumpShip, thus preventing the Magellan from bringing its weapons to bear, eventually ramming the Silhouette and ripping its bay doors open.[16][17] There was no mention of Green Ghost survivors.

A Peregrine-class WarShip serving with the Green Ghosts was reportedly recorded in the Deep Periphery "in the early 3070s" in one instance.[1]

In early 3071, the 8th Scorpion Grenadiers, together with the 1st Eridani Lancers, went looking for Rim Worlds Republic remnants on the far side of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. In a system known to the Scorpions as T-892 the three JumpShips encountered a hostile Peregrine (context suggests this was the same ship that was associated with the Green Ghosts in the other report), and escaped via emergency jump. One JumpShip, the Whisper, suffered crippling damage to its KF Drive from the jump and had to be abandoned with its cargo. When Clan Goliath Scorpion forces returned to the ship's position in 3077, it was nowhere to be found.[18]

Also in 3071, the remnants of the shattered 121st Hellion Lancers were one jump from the Dark Nebula (coming from Bensinger) when contact was lost, after a last report that they were being overrun by a Green Ghosts marine assault on their spacecraft.[19] After that, 'Mechs and Elementals bearing the markings of the 121st Hellion Lancers attacked several Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Ghost Bear worlds in 3076.[19]

In 3079 Clan Diamond Shark forces on Nyserta rebuffed a Green Ghost attack against one of their facilities that was situated at an old colony site, and destroyed the attackers' DropShip. One attacker was captured alive; his genetic coding matched Star Colonel Irt Bragg (formerly of the 121st Hellion Lancers), though his facial features had been altered. At least two destroyed 'Mechs had Ice Hellion manufacturing marks. However, there was no mention of an interrogation or any further intelligence gained.[19]

On 8 April 3087 an archeological dig on Stotzing came under attack from the Green Ghosts, who deployed from a Colossus-class DropShip[20] and were after an old dig site. The Stotzing Militia and the 1st Marik Protectors, who were present to train the militia, moved to defend the site.[21] After raiding the archeological site the Green Ghosts began their retreat to their DropShip. The Marik forces were determined to not allow them to successfully escape. Near the Green Ghost landing zone the forces came together for their final clash.[22]


  • The Green Ghosts raided Blantleff at some point prior to April 3087.[23]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Green Ghosts

Taking into account how the Green Ghosts operated, it is quite possible there is not one but several different commanders depending on the sub-command.[citation needed]

Named Members[edit]

  • Velena Andropolous - Archeologist and former Word of Blake ROM 'Mech pilot; assigned to the Green Ghosts around mid-Jihad (i.e. around 3074), she transferred her loyalty to the Green Ghosts after the fall of the Word of Blake.[20]
  • Irt Bragg - Clan Ice Hellion Star Colonel, whose Nova was overrun and evidently captured by the Green Ghosts in a space battle in 3071. He was captured alive as a Green Ghost MechWarrior in 3079.
  • Trent Calooph - Mentally handicapped periphery citizen from Gabenstad with mental and emotional capacities of a 12-year-old. Pressed into service by the Green Ghosts, left behind alive in the 3068 raid on Tomans. First Green Ghosts insider to be interrogated, but considered a highly unreliable witness. Died in 3077.
  • Susan Cherlander - The Green Ghosts' principal organizer and cargomaster; has been raiding with them since ca. 3070.[20]
  • "Gregor" - Green Ghosts rifle instructor mentioned as "mean" by Calooph; circumstantial evidence suggests a Clan Goliath Scorpion warrior.
  • Trapezius Konow - Volunteered with the Green Ghosts when they raided his homeworld, Blantleff, at some point prior to 3089.[20]
  • "Mikal" - Green Ghosts member with "yellow eyes that could see in the dark" mentioned by Calooph; circumstantial evidence suggests a Word of Blake member, possibly with cybernetically enhanced eyes.
  • Neil Sagan - A native from the desolate former RWR world of Austerlitz in the Periphery who voluntarily signed up with the Green Ghosts at some point (prior to 3089).[20]


According to the (unreliable) accounts of Trent Calooph, the Green Ghosts as of 3068 seem to comprise of elements from lost Rim Worlds Republic colonies, Word of Blake soldiers and crewmen, along with some warriors and technicians Clan Goliath Scorpion and Ice Hellion origin.[15]

The equipment fielded by the Green Ghosts has always been notably advanced and well-maintained. It included Lithium-Fusion Batteries for jump drives,[24] C3i networks,[24] a Peregrine-class WarShip (observed only once in the early 3070s),[1] at least five different JumpShips of unspecified type, three of them with drive signatures matching "missing" ComStar vessels;[1] a Magellan-class JumpShip;[17] and a Colossus-class DropShip.[20]

In the field, the Green Ghosts have been seen using standard Inner Sphere formations, Clan formations, and ComStar/Word of Blake formations.[1] They were never observed to utilize artillery, and only minimal aerospace support from light and medium aerospace fighters doing bombing runs.[1] While they frequently employ combined arms forces, with BattleMechs typically at the core of their formations, battle armor (usually Fenrir, Infiltrator, or Purifier) is relatively rare.[1]

They typically use a flat green paint scheme, with up to two units in an engagement bearing a white snake entwining the unit (called "commanders mark"). Green Ghost formations seem to be centered around such commanders' units, which are always the first and last units on the battlefield.[1] After about 3080, a distinct subgroup started appearing who were marked with a flaming sun disc featuring a teardrop shape and a scorpion; these "blood disk" units usually work together as a cohesive (sub-)unit and leave no survivors.[1]


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