Green Keshik (Clan Wolf)

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Green Keshik
Nickname The Green Keshik
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Theta Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

The Green Keshik is a Combined Arms Command Formation in service of the touman of Clan Wolf.


During Operation Revival the Green Keshik was the headquarters of Epsilon Galaxy. It was involved in the conquest of the strategically important world of New Oslo in July 3050, along with Laurent in November 3051, Hainfeld in December, and Ramsau in April 3052.

After the Refusal War the Green Keshik was the headquarters for Theta Galaxy.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Green Keshik
Galaxy Commander Djuna Kerensky 30?? - 3044[2]
Galaxy Commander Anton Fetladral 3044 - 3052[2]
Galaxy Commander Warren Stiles 3059 - 3071[1][3]
Galaxy Commander Lois Fetladral 3145-3151[4]


After the Refusal War the smaller Green Keshik relied heavily on it's Command Star, which was made up of fast 'Mechs and fighters so as to move around the battlefield quickly. The accompanying 'Mech Star was made up of heavy machines which acted as a shield when necessary.[1]

Composition History[edit]




  • Theta Galaxy Command Binary
  • 1 Command Star (4 'Mechs + 2 Fighters)
  • 1 Heavy 'Mech Star (5 'Mechs)


Organization Structure[edit]



In 3059, when a Green Keshik warrior is targeted by an enemy, another Keshik warrior may target that enemy with a -1 hit modifier.[5]


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