Gregory Amaris

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Gregory Amaris
Gregory Amaris
Character Profile
Born 11 October 2529
Died 11 August 2599[1]
Affiliation House Amaris
Position First Consul[1]
Profession Noble
Children Richard Amaris[1]

Gregory Amaris was the First Consul of the Rim Worlds Republic from 2544 to 2599.


Early life[edit]

Pampered from birth on the Amaris Estate on Apollo, the young Gregory grew up thinking only of his own needs and desires rather than those of others, and his lack of empathy would color his outlook on the world and his future rule of the Republic. Gregory was named First Consul in 2544 after his father drowned, though his mother would serve as regent until his eighteenth birthday.[1]

First Consul of the Republic[edit]

Unlike the bulk of the leaders of the Periphery nations, Gregory eagerly welcomed the formation of the Star League as a means of improving his realm's standing, however his lack of empathy meant his domestic policies lacked subtlety. Rather than build the infrastructure of the Republic through domestic labor and money, Gregory imported immigrant labor from around the Inner Sphere.

When confronted by civil unrest in the wake of his brutal response to the Rift Republican Army's occupation of the Efrimal Long Prison and attempting to avoid Star League intervention in Republic affairs, Gregory issued his Universal Act of Loyalty in 2573, forcing all of the Republic's citizens to swear a binding oath to the Republic and the Star League, branding all those who refused as traitors and stripping them of all property and legal rights within the Republic. While most agreed to take the oath under duress, the worlds of Somerset and Lackhove refused entirely, with Gregory imposing embargoes and then military intervention to force them to agree.[2]

To cement his position as a "first among equals" within the Periphery states, Gregory swiftly voiced his public support of the Pollux Proclamation as well as passing the Manchester Directive, which outlawed membership in the Rift Republican Army. The two actions triggered a massive protest on Apollo as the disenfranchised RRA overwhelmed the Amaris-loyal troops on-world, staging a political coup and forming the Rim Provisional Government, which forced Gregory to retreat to his fortified family estate.

Gregory assumed that in response to his support and loyalty to House Cameron and the Star League that the newborn Star League Defense Force would rapidly race to rescue him and restore him to power. Unfortunately the SLDF was already heavily engaged in fighting the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus, and could spare little for what appeared to be an internal conflict. The SLDF would not be able to respond until 2581, and Gregory would have to wait until 2595 when Apollo was finally liberated.[3][4][5]

Embittered at his 20 years of house arrest, albeit within the confines of his palatial house estate, Ian Cameron and the Star League seemingly gave him scant attention in return for his loyalty, Gregory vowed to make House Cameron pay dearly for the insult. Almost from the moment of his liberation, Gregory would focus on political and economic power plays to further his position within the Star League. While benefiting the Republic as a whole, many within the Rim Worlds saw his arrogance and ego, undiminished by his decades of house arrest, as a threat to the future of the Rim Worlds by many, including elements of the military.[1]

Death and Legacy[edit]

On August 11th 2599, Admiral Hakim Wbika assassinated Gregory, installing his son Richard as President of the Rim Worlds Republic, a figurehead while Wbika and a military junta controlled the realm from behind the scenes.[1]

Arguably Gregory's greatest legacy was his intense resentment of House Cameron in the wake of the Reunification War, with every subsequent generation of House Amaris raised on tales of brave Lord Gregory and deceitful House Cameron who used the Amaris' loyalty when it suited them only to cast it aside when it did not. Breeding the desire to avenge themselves upon the Camerons and their Star League, this grudge would ultimately manifest in the actions of Stefan Amaris.

One of the mammoth Stefan Amaris-class WarShips was intended to be named after Gregory, but the incomplete hull was captured during the SLDF invasion of the Republic and put into service as the SLS Vengeance instead.[6]

Philosophical and Political Views[edit]

A shrewd political operator and highly ambitious, Gregory was the driving force behind the increasing prosperity of the Republic. Gregory's greatest error was mistaking his own ambitions for those of his people; his desire to be part of the Star League ran counter to bulk of the Republic, triggering civil war.[1][5]


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