Production information
Manufacturer Star League Weapons Research[1]
Mission Combat
Type Wheeled
Cost unstated
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Mass 30 tons
Armor Starshield
Engine DAV 190 Fusion
Speed 119.4 km/h
Crew 3
Communications System Dalban Commline
Targeting Tracking System Dalban MidRez-C
Heat Sinks 10 single

1x AC/5

BV (1.0) n/a
BV (2.0) n/a

Developed by the Star League in the early twenty-eighth century to garrison frontier worlds without the antagonism that might be generated by a conventional tank, the Gremlin entered service with Star League recon units.

Tens of thousands were produced before the Star League fell and the Gremlin was still in extensive use by first- and second-line units throughout the Inner Sphere by the beginning of the Fourth Succession War. There were reports that Kurita, Liao, and Steiner had all begun producing their own.

Intended for traditional armored car missions, the Gremlin is sometimes used as a last-ditch defensive unit in urban combat, operating in numbers to box in attacking BattleMech; casualties can be high but the tactic often works against light and medium 'Mechs.[1]


Designed to be the standard armored car, the Gremlin was almost as powerful as a medium tank but more agile, at a fraction of the cost. Many components of the Banshee BattleMech were used in the Gremlin, with weapons, armor, and electronics either derived from it or copied outright.

The Gremlin has good speed for its size, with a decent amount of armor making long-range combat encounters relatively safe. Close-range combat tends to be fatal for any armored car and the Gremlin is no different. Armored side guards help protect the wheels, and unusual feature for such a small vehicle

The coolant system on the fusion engine has a design flaw that causes occasional overheating but this is rarely a problem for the three-man crew. The major complaint crews have is the reliance on a single weapon that carries the added risk of turret damage rendering it useless.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Gremlin carries a turret-mounted AC/5 as its only weapon, with two tons of ammunition.[1]


  • Firebug 
    In limited service with the Lyran Commonwealth along its Free Worlds League border, this variant replaces the autocannon with a Harmon Heavy or Magna Mk III large laser and three Purity flamers, all mounted in the turret.
    The most common factory variant, half the ammunition capacity is sacrificed to mount a medium laser in the front, usually an Aberdovey Mk III or Martell.[1]
    This version downgrades the autocannon to a lighter Mydron Model D AC/2, adding a Magna Mk. II medium laser and extra armor. Commonly considered a failure due to being even less suited to its preferred roles than before, it is still believed in service with all major Houses as well as some bandit kingdoms.

Notable Pilots[edit]

Captain Mordred Leonard commands a six-vehicle mercenary company known as the Knights of Hesperus, under long-term contract with House Steiner. Comprising four standard Gremlins, one Gremlin-B, and a Firebug, they have successfully ambushed BattleMechs on both fronts of the Lyran Commonwealth. Their victories included at least nine 'Mechs, mostly Locusts and Wasps and several dozen other vehicles.

Their greatest success was in a city on Wheel, where they swarmed an undamaged Kurita Dragon, with Leonard's Gremlin-B, The Green Machine, fired the killing shot; only two Gremlins were damaged in the fight.


Stardate magazine is no longer considered a canonical source, making the Gremlin apocryphal.


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