Grendel Roberts

Grendel Roberts
Character Profile
Affiliation Independent States of the Periphery
Position Ambassador

Grendel Roberts was an ambassador from the Independent States of the Periphery.[1]


Following the Star League's formation in 2571, a handful of mishaps such as the Santiago Massacre and Malagrotta Affair, along with widespread faltering economies resulting from sanctions against the Periphery in March 2574 that backfired on the Inner Sphere, riled up anti-Star League resentment in the Periphery to the point that the Star League High Council saw war as inevitable. The House Lords knew that there needed to be just cause for military conflict and the Pollux Proclamation of 2 January 2575 was it; if the Periphery nations refused this last chance at diplomacy, they would bear responsibility for the consequences.[2]

Grendel Roberts, ambassador of the newly formed Independent States of the Periphery, replied to First Lord Ian Cameron on 1 March 2575 with their declaration of independence and rejecting that they submit to the Star League.[1][3]


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