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Greta Halperin

Greta Halperin
Character Profile
Also known as Jane
Affiliation Federated Suns
Rocky's Bloodhands (pirate)
Profession MechWarrior

Greta Halperin was a Crucis March Militia deserter-turned-bandit.[1]


During the FedCom Civil War the Jepso's Jaguars was one of the many smaller commands to benefit from the bitter fighting between both halves of the Federated Commonwealth, securing a seemingly easy contract to defend the Capellan March world of Stein's Folly against any possible Capellan Confederation attempt to take advantage of the sundering FedCom's preoccupation, despite the lack of evidence and exceed low odds the Confederation would strike the world. Unbeknownst to the Jaguars the greatest threat would come from within after Jepso hired one MechWarrior Jane (Greta Halperin under an assumed name) in July 3065, in part because of the highly skilled young woman's advanced new Hellspawn but also after hitting it off with Jepso. In reality their newest member was in fact pirate Greta Halperin, whose's modus operandi was to infiltrate small mercenary commands to learn their strengths and weaknesses.[2]

On 17 October 3065 while on a routine patrol in the forests of the Halcion Highlands, "Jane" led Jepso's Jaguars into a well-laid ambush set by her pirates, turning her "Paralyzer"'s four arm-mounted medium lasers onto to the weakened back of Captain Jepso's Wolverine, killing the unit's commander and allowing the pirates to gut the mercenary command in short order. The Jepso's Jaguars would be one of a dozen small mercenary commands to fall pray to Greta Halperin's tactics, the pirates salvaging the unit's equipment as booty.[2]

On Malagrotta in 3074, one of her members, Greta Halperin was personally instrumental in this band's success. She was able to infiltrate as an independent MechWarrior and secured employment as a defensive cornerstone of the city of Hammond.

The Bloodhands attired and paraded outside the city walls, Halperin led the city garrison commander's Quickdraw into a position isolated from the rest of his lance and turned on him. With their commander dead, Hammond's defenses quickly crumbled and the Bloodhands stormed the city, killing more than two thousand civilians and slaughtering the entire Hammond Defense Force.

When reinforcements arrived to save the city, the Bloodhands were already gone, lifting for orbit, Greta Halperin believed to have lifted with them.[1]


She piloted a very customized HSN-7D2 Hellspawn (Halperin) that she calls it Paralyzer.[1][3]


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