Gretchen Noda

Gretchen Noda
Affiliation Ronin
Spouse Samuel Noda

Gretchen Noda (b. 3023 - 3???) was a mercenary leader and former yakuza member.[1]


Gretchen Noda took command of the DCMS's 10th Ghost after the death of her husband during the fierce fighting in 3068 on the planet Dieron. When the high command gave order to retake the planet from the Word of Blake - before full repair and resupply could be completed, the self-titled Tai-sa Noda led the entire unit rogue.

After Noda personally killed the three ISF agents in the 10th Ghost Regiment, they left Combine space and adopted the name Ronin. Their first stop was Rezak's Hole controlled by a small number of pirates that were easily defeated. The unit bolstered their ranks through the integration of some of these former pirates. The Ronin proceeded to assault an Interstellar Expeditions operation, gaining needed supplies and Star League era BattleMechs, departing just prior to the arrival of a DCMS unit.

Noda accepted a contract with the StarCorps Corporation for the Ronin. Though the Ronin thought they were going to be part of a shadowy corporate war, their assignment required them to partner with another mercenary unit and perform reconnaissance of the Odessa system before a larger invasion force arrived. The Ronin sustained nearly 75% losses against an unknown Blakist Shadow Division. Noda was enraged to discover that Chandrasekhar Kurita was the holder of the contract, and swore that neither she nor her troops would ever work for any of the Dragon's minions again.[1]

The current location of Noda and the Ronin is unknown.


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