Guardians of Cameron

Guardians of Cameron
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


The Guardians of Cameron were a small-time mercenary unit. Remembered (in 3056) for a "cutesy rep" because their commanding officer was concerned with issues like "chivalry, honor and fighting for lost causes even if the employer could not pay". Because of this, the unit had financial troubles; by 3056 the Guardians of Cameron apparently did not exist anymore as a unit, because former member Davis McCall spoke of the unit only in the past tense.[1]

When he left his home on Caledonia to become a MechWarrior, Davis McCall signed on with the Guardians of Cameron for his first tour of duty. His first combat occurred when the Guardians fought Free Worlds League tech raiders on Furillo in 3017 or 3018. During this battle, Kellen Folker, an old hand among the Guardians, went on a rampage, destroying a village and killing numerous civilians after he had been fired at. Davis McCall was a member of Folker's lance and later testified against him when Folker was court-martialed and drummed out of the unit.[1]

Davis McCall would later sign on with the famous Gray Death Legion when it was formed on Galatea in 3025.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Guardians of Cameron



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