Guided Gyrojet Rounds


Guided Gyrojet Rounds are special rounds designed to be used by gyrojet weapons. These variants on typical gyrojet and gyroslug rounds reduce some of their explosive charge for a miniatureized vector-thrust system attuned to a transmitter attached to the weapon's barrel. By holding their sights on the target, the firer can guide the round while in mid-flight, though flight times are brief. These rounds were based on the Federated Suns development of Precision shells for Autocannons, following failed attempts to produced guided rounds for normal slug-thrower weapons. In addition to the expense in producing these guided rounds, the use of a special barrel mount precludes the addition of other muzzle-mounted accessories.[1]



Item: Guided Gyrojet Rounds
Equipment Rating: E/X-X-E/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: -1B/-1
Cost/Reload: x8
Notes: Requires Guide Rifle Module; Complex Action to Attack; +2 to Attack



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