Gunnar Koga

Gunnar Koga
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Rank saKhan

Gunnar Koga was elected saKhan of Clan Coyote in 2976, precipating the Clan Coyote Blood Scandal. [1]


There are almost no details in existence about the life of Gunnar Koga prior to his election to the post of saKhan of the Coyotes, except for one: He was said to be a staunch Warden. He would go on to stand by his Khan, Tatiana Steele, supporting her throughout the events of the Coyote Blood Scandal.[1]

Wardens and Crusaders[edit]

As the Clans made their way through the Political Century, Clan Coyote would become split between the Warden and Crusader philosophical points of view. In 2976, the Coyotes would elect a well-known Warden, Gunnar Koga, to the position of saKhan. In the process he would oust the incumbent Crusader, a powerful warrior who was also the leader of the Rosanske Bloodname House (who is now among the not-named of Clan Coyote). Taken by her own bitterness over the Coyote's political situation, she would gather eight other Bloodname Houses who were also deeply Crusader-oriented, with a plan to oust the entrenched Warden leadership. She would also secretly court Crusader support from outside of the Coyotes, namely, from Clan Star Adder's saKhan, Carson Graves. Word of the conspiracy would soon reach the ears of Coyote Khan Tatiana Steele, who would ask for - and receive - the Annihilation and Reaving of the eight traitorous Bloodname Houses. Gunnar Koga would stand alongside her during the Trials and executions of the guilty parties, including Carson Graves who had been stripped of his position and status before being handed over along with his legacy to the Coyotes as the Star Adder's surkairede. After the Adders refused to Annihilate the entire Graves Bloodline, they would be busy pressing a new vendetta for years to come.[1][2]


His election to saKhan indirectly triggered the Blood Scandal. He would serve his Clan faithfully, standing by Khan Steele during the hardest decisions she may have ever had to make for her Clan. Born to an exclusive MechWarrior Bloodline of Clan Coyote, Gunnar Koga would be the first of several Kogas to rise up and take leadership roles in Clan Coyote during the last 100 years or so of their history.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

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Name Redacted
saKhan of Clan Coyote

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