Gunther MP-20

A Royal Engineer of the First Royal Guards with a MP-20


The Gunther MP-20 is a submachine gun produced by the Lyran Alliance. While larger than the Mydron Auto-Pistol, with a low rate of fire and less ammo capacity, it is easier to keep steady while firing in burst-mode and at 11mm fires bullets larger in caliber than any other SMG.[1]



Item: Gunther MP-20[2]
Equipment Rating: C/X-E-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/3B
Range: 4/12/30/50 meters
Shots: 30
Cost/Reload: 120/5
Affiliation: LA
Mass/Reload: 2.5kg/340g
Notes: Burst 10; Recoil -1


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