Gwendor-Dorwinion Cartel

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Gwendor-Dorwinion Cartel
Corporation Profile
Headquarters Itrom III[1]
Leadership CEO
Products JumpShip Logistics

Considered the backbone of the Aurigan Reach, the Gwendor-Dorwinion Cartel was the leading JumpShip operator in the Aurigan Coalition as of 3026.[1] (In fact, the acknowledged scarcity of JumpShips in the region[2] and the concept of being a cartel suggest a regional monopoly; see Notes below.)

Company Profile[edit]

CEO: Proctor Thalion Istagol[1]


Originally founded as Gwendor Inc., the then-Magistracy of Canopus company specialized in the shipment of exquisite wines and other luxury goods across known space. As the technological decline of the Third Succession War dragged on, the company increasingly found that their JumpShips were by far their most valuable asset. They switched their business model to interstellar travel and merged with another small mercantile enterprise to form the Gwendor-Dorwinion Cartel. The resulting cartel coordinates the operations of several JumpShips, most of which the cartel co-owns.

When the Aurigan Trade Partnership was founded in 2870, the vessels of the Gwendor-Dorwinion Cartel formed its backbone, revitalizing trade in the Reach. Gwendor-Dorwinion refurbished a maintenance slip for its JumpShip fleet at Mechdur and thus established a basic infrastructure for regular JumpShip traffic in the region.[1]


  • A cartel, by definition, comprises of several independent participants who would otherwise be rivals or competitors. This suggests that Gwendor Inc. remains a distinct corporate entity even though they might dominate the cartel. It was not specified what other entities the cartel includes; the name suggests a prominent connection to Dorwinion on Belladonna. (Note that the well-known Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion enterprise would have no part in this though, as it was only created in 2899 through an amiable split from their parent company on Galax.)


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