House Bill

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A counter-point to ComStar's C-Bill, House-Bills (often shortened to H-Bills) generically refers to the currencies of the Great Houses.


One of the grandest achievements of the original Star League was the unification of the disparate economies of its member states under a single currency - the Star League Dollar - in 2623. The single economic system ensured an unparalleled boom in trade only to be sundered by the Amaris Coup. Following the collapse of the Star League, each of the five Successor Lords issued new "Star League" currency bearing their likeness befitting their claims of being the sole First Lord, offering sharply unfavourable exchange rates to exchange the old money for the new to help fund their war efforts. In time as it became clear that none would successfully defeat their opposition, these currencies evolved into their current form, reflecting their own cultural preferences and biases.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

House-Bills form some 90% of the currency in circulation in the post-Star League Inner Sphere, the remaining 10% being the ComStar backed C-Bill.[5] [6]

House Bills[edit]


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