Haakon Magnusson

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Haakon Magnusson.jpg
Haakon Magnusson
Born 2991
Affiliation House Magnusson
Rank Elected Prince
Children Ragnar Magnusson

Haakon Magnusson (born 2991[1] – died 30??) was originally a Rasalhagian freedom fighter, and became the first Elected Prince of the Free Rasalhague Republic.


Early Life[edit]

Born in 2991 in the city of Scandislum on Rasalhague, capital of the Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine.

As a young man, he opposed the repressive ways of the Combine towards his fellow people, whom share Scandinavian blood. He first would join a non-violent movement to fight for his people's rights. After a time, of being violently repressed by the government he joined the militant resistance movement known as the Scandinavian People's Army or SPA. However, he was captured on his first mission and spent several years in a Kuritan prison.

At Age of 43 in 3034

Resistance and formation of the Republic[edit]

When he was freed, he returned to SPA. He later joined another another militant organization known as the Tyr. He excelled in the group, and became its leader, gaining the nickname "Silver Fox of Alshain".

After the Fourth Succession War, he was approached by both Draconis Combine and ComStar representatives. They proposed to him their plans to create the Free Rasalhague Republic from the Rasalhague Military District. At first he feared this could be one of so many traps he faced in the past, but they won him over. In 3034 he declared himself Prince of the newly formed Republic. He then used his street savvy, other political skills gained his climbing various political movements to bring his nation together.[1]


  • As of the 3050s, Magnusson was of medium build with silver and blue eyes. He is noted for a scar that runs down over his right eye, caused by the laser rifle butt of a Kurita infantryman. [1] He was known to dress expensively in his early years as Elected Prince. In private, however, he was more known to be down-to-earth, intelligent and had a keen sense of street savvy.
If he lives, the Republic lives. If the Republic lives, then our sacrifice is not in vain.
  — Överste Siggurson, 1st Drakøns, Rasalhague, 12 July 3050

Titles and Ranks[edit]

Preceded by
Elected Prince of Free Rasalhague Republic

Succeeded by
Christian Månsdottir

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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