Habash Grimani

Habash Grimani
Profession Clan Steel Viper
Parents saKhan

Habash Grimani (born 28?? - died ????) was a warrior of Clan Steel Viper who would rise to the posting of saKhan during the Golden Century, serving under their legendary Khan, Sanra Mercer.[1]


Born to a Bloodname House that would one day become known for their Elementals[2], Habash Grimani was said to be a steadfast supporter of Sanra Mercer before and after his election to the post of saKhan. Little else is mentioned regarding his career, except that he often assisted her in facing challengers to the Steel Viper way of life and Sanra Mercer's vision.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Sanra Mercer
saKhan of Clan Steel Viper

Succeeded by


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