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Hachiman nearby systems
Hachiman nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 252.799 : 152.204[e]
Spectral class G8IV[1][2]
Recharge time 189 hours[2]
Recharge station(s) Zenith[1][2]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Planetary flag
Planetary flag
System position 4th[1][2]
Jump point
6.19 days[1][2]
Moons 3 (Benkei, Yoshitsune, Sorrow)[2]
Surface gravity 1.0[2]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature 25°C (Temperate)[2]
Surface water 70%[2]
Highest native life 45% Mammal[1][2]
Reference Year 3025[1] - 3067[2]
Ruler Rex Fillington, Earl of Hachiman (3025)[1]
Percival Fillington, Earl of Hachiman (3056)[3]
Planetary Chairman, Graham Fillington (3067)[2]
Capital Masamori[2]
Population 3,634,000,000 (3025)[1]
3,672,000,000 (3067)[2]
Socio-Industrial Levels A-A-A-A-B[2]
HPG (Representative) A[1][2] (Precentor Firis Konotaki)[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Hachiman IV[edit]

Hachiman is a Draconis Combine world which was noted as being unique due to having both an abundance of natural resources and a human-friendly planetary environment. The world is renowned for being a center of computer and electronics manufacture for House Kurita.[42]

The planet has three moons, the largest being Yoshitsune.[43]

Asking a Hachiman citizen what the planet’s greatest offering is to the Dragon invites a long discussion on the variety of natural wonders scattered across the four continents. Deolali’s ancient forests and deep river canyons are an outdoorsman’s mecca. Jingū’s extreme north latitudes house virgin snowfields and the rare Bodhisattva violet, prized for its beauty and natural perfume. Nashik’s varied tropical terrain hosts annual DCMS war games and more secretive ISF training operations. Scattered throughout are small and simple Buddhist and Hindu villages, reminders of the planet’s Gujarati and Mahratta founding colonies. Hachiman is the last world to contain genetic relatives to refugees from the United Hindu Collective. These villagers honor their ancestors through simple living and are exempted from the Combine’s standard societal laws and taxes.

Planetary History[edit]

By 3025 Hachiman was renowned for being a center of computer and electronics manufacture for House Kurita. This meant that the ISF had a large presence on the planet, with their agents infiltrating the planetary government and not the industries.[1]

Battle of Masamori[edit]

In April 3056, Hachiman Taro Electronics or HTE, owned by Sri Chandrasekhar Kurita brought in his own security force, consisting of the 17th Reconnaissance Regiment (nicknamed the Camacho's Caballeros). The Regiment was sign of trouble in months to come. Previous months, the various Yahuza groups and HTE rival Tanadi Computers had grown jealous and tired of not getting Kurita notable. By November, they convinced the ISF that Chandrasekhar had turn traitor and engineered events that would trigger open conflict between Kurita's mercenaries and local garrison force, the 9th Ghost Regiment. In the initial assault the mercenaries were able repel while it scout infantry was able slipped past enemy lines to ISF headquarters to prove the their employer's innocence. The conflict destroyed much of water front around HTE's compound at Yamato River.[44]

Blakist Raids[edit]

During the events leading up to the Battle of Masamori, Tanadi Computers and their yakuza allies issued a false announcement that HTE had developed a new faster-than-light communication system. This brought Word of Blake commandos in Mid October. The Blakist raid was used as cover for ISF troopers to storm Compound, however was rebuffed by the 17th Recon.

However, after the November when Tanadi Computer/HTE feud had been resolved, the Blakists returned to Hachiman on its holiday of Chairman's Day Eve. Two Level II BattleMech forces with a platoon of Infantry stormed the Chairman's palace and HTE's Complex. The surprise raid successfully killed the Planetary Chairman, Earl Percival Fillington. However, the Blakists were rebuffed by both mercenaries and 9th Ghosts.[45]

The Blakists returned to Hachiman for a third time on the 2nd of May 3070, striking at the HTE complex again. This time they were successful, destroying the various HTE facilities.[46]

Military Deployment[edit]








Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Masamori: Largest city on planet, this polluted city consists of large population of middle class workers, yakuza controlled districts and manufacturing companies. The Yamato River courses through the city from mountains which share its name. It is home to the pleasure district known as Floating City.[54] The citizens regard themselves as Masakko and are known to enjoy celebrations.[55] The city's principal street was Tai-sho Dalton Way.[56]
  • Yoshitune Spaceport: Masamori's spaceport, east of the city itself. A city unto itself, the port is sometimes referred to as "Yoshi-Town". Hachiman-Taro Electronics expanded the facilities to allow non-House Kurita merchants dealing with the corporation to have more freedoms they would not necessarily enjoy in the city itself. Crime amongst the warehouses during the 3050s was notably high.[57]

Industrial Centers[edit]

  • Tanadi Computers - Located in the city of Masamori, Tanadi Computers was Combine domestic manufacturer of computers and communication equipment.[59] The company became a rival of Hachiman Taro Electronics, where it ultimately fell into bankruptcy. The remnants were then purchased by HTE.[60]
  • Hachiman-Taro Electronics - Also known as HTE, Hachiman Taro Electronics was founded in the 3050s by Chandrasekhar Kurita; Hachiman Taro translates approximately as "the second born son of the god of war", an oblique reference to Chandrasekhar's place within the ruling family of the Combine and his role in the war against the Clans.[61] The Hachiman Taro facilities were destroyed by the Word of Blake in May 3070.[46]

Local Fauna[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (24 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Hun Ho 15.7 Zawiercie 20.2 Kawabe 20.5 Handa 24.9
Oshika 28.0 Togura 28.5 Sakuranoki 30.5 Agematsu 33.4
Matsuida 34.5 Dalmantia 34.5 Shaul Khala 38.3 Yufu 38.7
Kirei Na Niwa 45.2 Nakaojo 46.3 Goldlure 47.0 Westfield 47.8
Isesaki 48.2 Tatsuno 48.4 Dnepropetrovsk 49.4 Muroto 50.7
Midway 51.2 Igualada 53.3 Koumi 56.7 Gandy's Luck 59.2


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