Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Avenger


An Avenger-class DropShip, the Hainan was in service with the Draconis Combine during the Clan Invasion era as the DCS Hainan. The Hainan and a sister ship, the DCS Dojo, were two of the three DropShips assigned to the Kyushu-class frigate DCS Haruna as a part of the Combine contribution to the Second Star League Task Force SERPENT.[1]

On the 15th of December 3059[2] Task Force SERPENT encountered a convoy from Clan Ghost Bear in the Deep Periphery. Task Force SERPENT jumped into a system some four jumps - 120 light years - past the system the Explorer Corps had named Meribah when they encountered the convoy, which was led by the Congress-class frigate CGB Shining Claw and also included a pair of Whirlwind-class destroyers, the CGB Fire Fang and CGB Ursus, and the Invader-class JumpShip CGB Winter Wind.[3] The Winter Wind was transporting scores of civilians in three attached DropShips that the Ghost Bears were relocating to the Inner Sphere.[4]

The Fire Fang attempted to protect the Winter Wind during the resulting battle; the Winter Wind was disabled early in the battle by the Lola III-class destroyer ISS Ranger,[4] and the Haruna was tasked with delivering several DEST boarding parties aboard the Winter Wind.[5]

The Haruna ended up taking damage from repeated volleys from the Fire Fang; the Fire Fang was damaged in turn by the Haruna, the Fox-class corvette FCS Antrim and both the Dojo and Hainan.[6] The Dojo and the Hainan saved the Haruna from crippling damage at the hands of the Fire Fang, but the Hainan was lost after taking heavy damage from the Clan WarShip at close range. Captain Cho of the Hainan was killed in the engagement, and while the order to abandon ship was given,[7] only half her crew escaped to be recovered, and the majority of those who escaped were wounded.[8]


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