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Halloran 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates72.894 : -77.022[e]
Spectral classF8IV[1][2]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

System Description[edit]

Halloran is located near the Conwy and Buchlau systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Halloran V[edit]

Halloran V
Orbital view
Orbital view
System position Fifth[1][2]
Jump point
12 days[2]
Moons 1 (Meridian)[2]
Surface gravity 1.1[2]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature 24.6°C[2]
Surface water 74%[2]
Highest native life Plant[1][2]
Reference Year 3025[1] - 3130[2]
Ruler Lucian Rogstad, Governor (3130)[37][2]
Shimon Tauben, Legate (3130)[37][2]
Population 1,237,000,000 (3025)[1]
1,058,642,000 (3130)[2][37]
HPG (Representative) B[1][2] (Precentor Rebecca Armstrong)[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

The inhabitants of Halloran V developed two major industries that continued into the thirty-second century; the export of ice and copper. The export of ice eventually slowed when planetary officials listened to advice that recommended slowing the export in face of the very real risk that the supply of icebergs was likely to be exhausted inside a century, something that would've precipitated a major ecological crisis. Seventy percent of the planetary population would come to live on Chimera, and both the planetary capital city, Gethin, and the largest single city on the planet, Vanders, were located in the Shobol River valley on that continent. Tonka Li and Tonka Lu were never subject to high levels of development because of the active volcanoes there, whilst Newfoundland and Sunderland provided the copper exported by the colonists.[2] Like the nearby worlds of Algol and Demeter Halloran V imported quantities of the giant fish native to the planet Buchlau.[38]

With the election of General Diana Chinn to the Tikonov Tetrarchy in 2307, the Tikonov Grand Union began an ambitious gamble against the Marlette Association, and a number of Marlette Association worlds were invaded and annexed in short order. Tikonov Grand Union forces commanded by Diana Chinn conquered Halloran V in early 2309.[3]

Third Succession War[edit]

Battle of Halloran[edit]

In 3005 and 3006 the Blackwind Lancers and Marion's Highlanders used Halloran V as a base to raid the Federated Suns worlds of Demeter, Chesterton, Almach and Valexa. Wolf's Dragoons, recently hired by the Federated Suns, used their intelligence resources to pinpoint where the attacks were coming from. In early February 3006, Jaime Wolf presented this information to the Federated Suns and requested permission to attack Halloran V. A request First Prince Ian Davion granted.

The Dragoons jumped into the Halloran system and used the planet's moon, Meridian, to shield their arrival. Instead of attacking immediately, the Dragoons waited until the Blackwind Lancers and Marion's Highlanders returned from their attack on Valexa. Once the Liao units were grounded, the Dragoons launched their assault. They achieved almost complete surprise. They brushed aside the defending aerospace fighters and Zeta Battalion led the attack on the Liaos' main military base outside of the city of Gethin. By the end of the first day of fighting the Lancer and Highlanders had surrendered the base and fled into defensive positions inside Gethin and into the rugged terrain of the Shobol River Valley.

On the second day of fighting, the Dragoons pushed the Liao forces further back. However, their progress was slowing and there was a worry that Capellan reinforcements could arrive on Halloran to turn the tide. The Dragoons decided to change their strategy to defeat their opponents before that could happen.

On the third day, February 13th, Colonel Jeremy Ellman would lead Beta Regiment in the initial assault on Marion's Highlanders in the Shobol Valley. Colonel Wilhelmina Korsht would command Gamma Regiment, with Colonel Frank Wells in charge of Zeta Battalion. Both would act as a reserve to Beta's attack. Meanwhile, Colonel Travis King would command Delta Regiment to prevent the Blackwind Lancers in Gethin from coming to the Highlanders' aid while keeping Liao forces from the ComStar HPG station.

Colonel Ellman called for an incendiary strike on the Highlanders position as he pressed the assault, turning the valley into a roaring inferno. By the afternoon, the Highlanders were pushed back to secondary positions while Gamma Regiment pressed the attack. Meanwhile, Delta Regiment has successfully kept the Lancers from coming to the Highlanders rescue and began to push into the city of Gethin. By the evening, the Blackwind Lancers were pushed out of Gethin's suburbs while Marion's Highlanders were frantically trying to consolidate at the far end of the valley. Delta Regiment halted its advanced into Gethin to consolidate its gains and prepare for a final assault on the remaining Liao positions the next day. However, the Lancers would launch a counterattack just prior to midnight that drove the Dragoons back to the edge of the city. From there, the Dragoons regrouped and pushed the Capellan attack back to retake the lost ground by dawn.

The fourth day brought further attacks and advances by the Dragoons, but the Liao units would restrict any gains made with a tenacious defense. However, Jaime Wolf and Travis King thought the defenders were close to breaking and that one more attack would finish them off.

As the attacks started on the fifth day, the Liao defenders in Gethin received reports of a large forced coming in behind them. The Lancer commander decided to evacuate the city and join up with the Highlanders. However, it was a ruse. The reports of a large force were fake messages from the Dragoons' Seventh Kommando who had infiltrated the Lancer positions during Delta's opening artillery bombardment that day. In the confusion of the Lancers meeting up with the Highlanders unexpectedly, the Highlander defense collapsed and the Dragoon forces began to surround the Liao defenders. While the defenders were able to break out of the encirclement, they took such heavy damage that when Liao reinforcements did arrive they could only help the two Capellan regiments escape off world. The Dragoons has secured their first victory in the Inner Sphere.[17]

In 3008, the five regiments of Wolf's Dragoons were transferred to Halloran in preparation for their assault on New Aragon.[39]


Halloran V was one of the worlds hit by the CCAF as a part of Operation THUNDERSTRIKE, the Capellan counteroffensive prompted by Duke George Hasek's Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE. The CCAF hit Halloran V on 9 August 3069. The Word of Blake turned the two-way battle for Halloran V into a three-way battle on the 13th of October when Blakist naval forces began to bombard Halloran V from orbit.[40] The Capellan forces consisted of the veteran Sixth Confederation Reserve Cavalry who initially faced no significant opposition, but the Federated Suns Armored Cavalry arrived several weeks later and forced the Sixth to fight a fast cavalry campaign on Chimera - exactly the kind of campaign the Armored Cavalry excelled at, up until the Blakist bombardment of Chimera, which all but destroyed both units as well as levelling the major cities on the continent.[2]

Halloran V was given strategic importance for the first time in its history by the Word of Blake. The Word raised the Halloran V Protectorate Militia, constructed ground-based capital missile launch facilities for a sophisticated SDS, positioned a Pocket WarShip squadron, and deployed a network of Caspar II SDS drones around the planet.[41]

During the Jihad, Halloran V was raided on 26 March 3076 by scouts from the allied coalition formed by Devlin Stone.[42][43] Operating independently rather than as a part of Stone's coalition, Capellan Confederation forces were fighting to liberate Halloran V on the 27th of February 3077 when the system's fully operational SDS network allegedly destroyed the Feng Huang-class CCS Franco Martell, one of the Confederation's few WarShips.[44] According to reports in the Capellan media, Halloran V had been liberated by the 27th of February and had rejoined the Confederation.[45]

An exclusive report by a news agency based on New Avalon in the Federated Suns carried an interview purporting to confirm the destruction of the Franco Martell. Broadcast on the 18th of March, the interview featured Harry Chevalle, captain of an independent merchant vessel named Ponsatrain. The Ponsatrain had apparently been in transit to Halloran V when it observed a network of new orbital satellites and orbital stations above the planet. The new facilities hadn't responded to the Ponsatrain, which observed the orders given by the planetary Traffic Control, but became active when the Franco Martell appeared in the system. The satellites moved slowly around the Franco Martell - implying that they may not have been satellites, as conventional satellites are not recognized as moving on an interplanetary scale, however slowly - and then upwards of twenty of the satellites launched missiles at the Capellan WarShip. The missiles - described as "ship killer missiles" by Chevalle - inflicted considerable damage on the Franco Martell by dint of numbers, rather than individual striking power, and when the Franco Martell moved into a drop position over the planet's surface it was struck by additional missiles from the surface, which allegedly destroyed the ship.[46]

Even with the destruction of their WarShip, the Capellan forces continued fighting, and Laurel's Legion, Lockhardt's Ironsides, Fifth McCarron's Armored Cavalry had by early April the Protectorate Militia in full rout.[41] But the Word of Blake forces on Halloran V were reinforced on the 3rd of April by the arrival of the Forty-eighth Shadow Division, allowing the Blakists to recapture the planet.[44] The vicious counterassault turned into a protracted conflict that lasted a brutal eighteen months (September 3078) before the Word relented and left the Confederation two shattered units, a broken world, and a claim of victory.[41]

Dark Age[edit]

The Fourth Confederation Reserve Cavalry took part in the capture of Halloran V in 3135, and action where they beaten Ghost Legion‎‎ forces.[47][48]

Military Deployment[edit]



- At this time Lockhardt's Ironsides operating at 30% of full strength, with 40% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Halloran V has three continents and two archipelagoes and is a generally bleak and barren arctic world. A relatively young planet, Halloran V is still geologically active and has been in the grip of an ice age since its first human habitation. As late as the thirty-second century ice sheets covered thirty-five percent of both the northern and southern hemispheres despite the export of ice being one of the two largest industries on the planet.[2]

Of the various landmasses on Halloran V, the largest is the continent of Chimera, which is also the most temperate of the various continents thanks to its equatorial location. In the northern hemisphere lies the continent of Newfoundland, while the continent of Sunderland lies in the southern hemisphere, and both are barren, frozen lands. The two archipelagoes on the planet are named Tonka Li and Tonka Lu, and both remain notably geologically active with numerous active volcanoes on both.[2]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Chimera (continent)
    • Gethin: city[50]
    • Vanders: city
    • Shobol River Valley[50]
    • Caspian Mountains
  • Newfoundland (continent)
  • Sunderland (continent)
  • Tonka Li (archipelagos)
  • Tonka Lu (archipelagos)

Industrial Centers[edit]

Image gallery[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 76 systems (76 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Conwy 7.4 Buchlau 8.7 Poznan 11.2 New Aragon 11.7
Algol 12.2 Algot 14.1 Kansu 18.0 Hunan 19.0
Demeter 20.0 Ningpo 21.3 Pleione 21.6 New Hessen 22.8
Menkar 23.3 Shensi 24.6 St. Andre 24.7 Foochow 26.0
Tianamon 26.7 Slocum 28.8 Alrescha 30.0 Gan Singh 31.4
Almach 31.9 Azha 31.9 Jonathan 32.0 Yangtze 33.2
Shipka 34.4 Hamal 34.5 Styk 37.0 Mesartim 37.4
Tsitsang 37.9 Bharat 38.0 Genoa 38.0 Arboris 39.2
Foot Fall 39.4 Mira 39.4 Cynthiana 39.5 Angol 41.0
Valexa 42.1 Wei 43.1 Chesterton 43.1 Alpha Eridani 44.9
Bell 45.3 New Macao 45.6 Ashkum 45.9 Tikonov 45.9
Nopah 46.2 Zaurak 46.3 Manennaia 46.9 Tigress 47.5
Bhaktapur 48.4 Basalt 48.5 Sichuan 48.8 Woodstock 49.5
Aldebaran 49.7 Highspire 50.3 Acamar 50.9 Bex 51.1
Kawich 51.2 Mandate 51.6 Menkib 52.0 Angelsey 52.5
Palos 52.6 Rio 53.3 Tedibyhr 53.7 Ulan Batar 53.7
New Athens 54.5 Zurich 54.5 Second Try 54.7 Nanking 56.2
Undra 56.4 Ruchbah 56.4 Snailzar 57.3 Zion 58.0
Westphalia 58.8 Tybalt 59.1 Matsu 59.5 Fletcher 59.5


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