Halsten's Brigade

Halsten's Brigade
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


The Halsten’s Brigade was a mercenary Heavy Armor unit. They had a good reputation in the Lyran Commonwealth as a tough nut to crack. The Brigade has been called on numerous times to provide defensive firepower against overwhelming BattleMech forces.

In battle with House Marik forces on Poulsbo in January 3026, a platoon from Headhunter Company discovered an enemy Union DropShip forming a strongpoint. In the morning, both Hammer and Striker Battalions were sent out to destroy it. The battle was fierce against the defending BattleMechs, but the tanks narrowly succeeded thanks in no small part to Private “Sniper” Jones' shooting.[1]

The Cavalry Battalion was usually kept back for special missions, as the Colonel wasn’t a fan of them, even calling them scooters. Richard Goodman’s Savannah Masters though are often found leading Halsten’s flanks.[2] The Colonel had even been known to use heavy armor in a reconnaissance role.

The unit survived the Jihad, and at mid-3142 was under contract to the planetary government of Venaria. An unknown small force of unmarked 'Mechs and battle armor attacked a militia outpost in the Candrell badlands. The militia was destroyed and the outpost razzed, but a lance from the Halsten's Brigade intercepted and destroyed them afterwards.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Halsten's Brigade
Colonel Halsten 3026

Unit Notable Personalities[edit]



Composition History[edit]


Halsten's Brigade (Reinforced Armor Regiment)

  • Hammer Battalion
  • Headhunter Company - 12 Schrek PPC Carriers
  • Echo Company - 12 Demolishers
  • Granite Company - 12 Demolishers
  • Striker Battalion
  • CO: Major Haughton
  • Detachment of MPs


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