Hamilton Massacre

Hamilton Massacre was the name given to an onslaught of civilians made by Clan Jade Falcon forces under the Mongol Doctrine in 3134 on Chaffee.[1]


In 3134, a small task force of Clan Jade Falcon, escorted by the Emerald Talon, launched an attack against the Republic of the Sphere after traveling first through Commonwealth space. The task force, ostensibly aimed at destroying what the Falcons termed the false wolves, pledged not to attack the Lyran state, but then landed attack forces on Porrima and Chaffee. Chaffee, was completely overrun, and it was there that Falcon forces slaughtered 50,000 inhabitants in the city of Hamilton—a savage and heavy-handed action that has outraged billions across the Inner Sphere and prompted calls for war against Jade Falcon.

The Hamilton Massacre came to light soon after the liberation of Chaffee by the Stormhammers, a pro-Commonwealth faction within The Republic of the Sphere, who acted in conjunction with the Steel Wolves to rout Jade Falcon there last November. Whether the successful campaign was accomplished with the direct support of the Commonwealth government remains unclear at this time, but it has become a rallying cry for many who feel the current administration is failing to deal with the more immediate threat Jade Falcon represents, even as tensions mount on Republican and League borders.[1]


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