Hamish McClaugherty

Hamish McClaugherty
Character Profile
Position Planetary Governor of Benet


Hamish McClaugherty was the first governor of Benet III, appointed to office during the founding of the colony in 2261 or shortly after. The colony was founded by an industrial conglomerate, who recruited the settlers from a range of different ethnicities and cultures; Hamish was one of those who lived on Robinson prior to settling on Benet III. At least one other member of Hamish's immediate family was also recruited as a settler for the new colony, a younger brother, and Hamish's family would continue to be involved in the government of Benet III until the colony was abandoned in the late thirty-first century. While Morningside was the capital city of Benet III during Hamish's lifetime, the capital was later moved to Donner, after Morningside was rendered uninhabitable by the toxic outgassing seismic activity generated periodically on Benet III. The increasing frequency and severity of the outgassing was what drove Benet III to be abandoned, although much of the planetary population died before they could be rescued. The last citizen to be evacuated was the mayor of Donner, Jessika McClaugherty - a direct descendant of Hamish's younger brother.[1]


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