Hampton Calderon

Hampton Calderon
Died 2726
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Brandon Calderon (father)


Hampton Calderon (b.????, d.2726) was the son of Brandon Calderon. Hampton succeeded to the Protectorship when his father finally retired in 2725. But Hampton had been the real power behind his father's rule for several years; the retirement was a mere formality. Before Hampton could do very much as Protector, he was killed by an emotionally unstable 12-year old cousin who had gotten ahold of a military handgun somehow. No-one was able to determine why the boy shot Hampton or how he got close enough to use the weapon. The boy was locked up in a mental hospital for the rest of his life, never leaving the confines dispite appeals for mercy many years later.[1] There is no mention of who Hampton married nor if he had other siblings/children.


There is no source that details Nicoletta's parentage. It is not stated she was Hampton's daughter, although she was eighteen in 2726 and Hampton was at least in his mid to late 40's at the time of his death so it is possible she was his child. There is not enough information on the 'cousin' to know if he was descinded from Jentarra Calderon, one of Reginald Calderon's unnamed children or one of Reginald's unnamed siblings. Please see the family tree notes on the House Calderon page for further details.


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Preceded by
Brandon Calderon
Protector of the Realm

Succeeded by
Nicoletta Calderon