Hanako Kurita

Hanako Kurita
Born 2340[1]
Died 2429[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Parents Adam Kurita (father)
Siblings Toshiro Kurita (twin)

Hanako Kurita was one of the twin sons of Adam Kurita.


When Jason Kurita supported Nihongi Von Rohrs, he and his twin brother came to the aid of Daniel Sorenson and support in a revolution against Jason Kurita.[2]

When Daniel Sorenson started his rebellion and it spread and citizens joined the movement in droves. As a result, Jason recalled his troops from New Samarkand, and Nihongi retaliated by removing the governor from office. While guards loyal to Von Rohrs forcibly removed the governor from his throne room, Daniel offered his uncle one last chance to accept exile. In response, the ex-governor pulled a small pistol and shot at young Sorenson. He failed and Daniel killed his uncle in self-defense amid several stunned witnesses.[2]



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