Hans Ole Jorgensson

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Hans Ole Jorgensson
Hans Ole Jorgensson
Character Profile
Born 9 August 2762[1]
Died 2858
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Profession saKhan
Siblings Cal Jorgensson
Spouse Sandra Tseng
Children One son, slain in childhood.[2]

Hans Jorgensson also known by his full name of Hans Ole Jorgensson, was one of the two Founders of Clan Ghost Bear and its first saKhan.


Hans Ole Jorgensson was born in the Rasalhague region of the Draconis Combine, and received military training there before leaving to join the SLDF. He joined the assault on Terra along with other replacement troops.[1]

Jorgensson was married to Sandra Tseng, another SLDF soldier he met on Terra shortly after the Liberation[1] and their lives were completely intermeshed until Tseng's death in 2848.[3]

He and Tseng originally were not going to join the Exodus, but changed their minds at the last and journeyed aboard the Prinz Eugen, where they were among those who opposed the later mutiny. They strongly supported Nicholas Kerensky and followed him on the Second Exodus, but when they found themselves assigned to different Clans, they fled to the frozen wastes of Strana Mechty rather than be separated. The ilKhan relented, and they became the joint leaders of Clan Ghost Bear.[2]

Hans' brother Cal Jorgensson joined Clan Widowmaker and ultimately served as its Khan.[2][4]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Hans Jorgensson died peacefully in his sleep in 2858. He was replaced as saKhan some years prior by Corina Tseng, when Jorgensson resigned shortly after his wife's death.[5]

Among Jorgensson's descendants through his genetic legacy are Bjorn Jorgensson and Ursula Jorgensson, both of whom became Khans.


Those that stand in our way will be vanquished. We will rip them asunder and leave their carcasses behind us so that all that might know that the Chosen of Kerensky have returned to deliver them from their despair.

--address to Clan Ghost Bear, 1 July 2821[6]


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